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365 days journey

~ right by the sea ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

~ right by the sea ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

Is 365 days a year enough?

Having learned by sharing on-line this long, I finally bumped into a group of people who are so positive, I couldn’t help but being transformed by their energy.

They help me realizing that life has its ups and downs but it is not a wise choice to be grumpy and keep on complaining about this and that.

How are they doing it? By taking one picture each day of the year – Polaroid pictures – and share it on-line with the story on a blog post. It looks like a simple but very challenging commitment to do that all year long. I do like the reason behind it though.


The main point is to be grateful!


My first reaction was: Impossible! That was because I know that life is full of challenges and I believed that looking only at the positive sides is a form of self-denial. However, after getting to know this group, I realized one thing. If I could choose, I would rather look back at my past and smile at the good things in my life than the other way around!


I haven’t joined them yet but I did tell myself in the beginning of this year to stay positive by writing positive blogs no matter what happen! Why THIS year? Because it is the beginning of a new decade and I so want it to do it the right way. I owe it to my parents for all the sacrifices they have done for me. Not to mention my grandparents and so on and so forth!


But boy, don’t I just feel like yapping sometimes because there were days when all I want to do was writing a long and winding rant! I know it makes the people who read my posts here and there a bit at a loss. As the results, they did all the rant for me in the comment sections! I feel hopeless sometimes because I don’t know whether to laugh or cry looking at all that!


It’s so easy to give in then go back to the old habit but I remember what I read about ‘happiness’. That it is a choice and it is also something we can share at no cost! Later, like any other good things we share, it will come back to us in folds. So it is infectious in a good way!! Even when we feel discouraged, the best way to recover is by encouraging others!


Allow me to give a life example. The picture above was taken during a birthday celebration of one of my cousins, T, in 2008. We had a sunset dinner at a restaurant right by the sea back home. We had so much fun enjoying the meals, talking and taking pictures. 40 days ago, T’s brother died. Instead of looking back in tears, I decided to remember the good times and be grateful.


Yes, 365 days a year is enough for me.


What about you?








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  • Vallya

    LOL … you still love me, right? Sorry sis…

    • Vallya

      I’m laughing about ranting on behalf of you…

      • Lusy Aaltje

        I know…. and yes, I still love you. Just don’t do it again! Let others do what they want. We just hush and keep on doing what we need to do. Okay? xoxo

        • Dee

          I don’t understand what you two talking about….

          • Vallya

            No worries… :-) Sorry for confusing you… xoxo

            Sis Lusy, good night! It’s a long day tomorrow, right? xoxo

            Love you both!!!

            • Lusy Aaltje

              Thank you both for being here…. so sorry for the late response. It’s been a long journey this month with a lot of headaches. All is well now and what left is to enjoy… ;-) xxx

  • Brian

    Interesting program that group has!!! Will you share yours when you join it?

    • Lusy Aaltje

      I haven’t joined it yet and I will join one day. I’m not sure if I will share though. Thanks, Brian!

      • Lm

        No need to share… too many things to do no?

        • Lusy Aaltje

          I can’t help but agreeing… too many things to do! Hope to finish everything right on schedules. *fingers cross*

  • Dee

    This is an important message to all of us – be grateful. Thanks Lusy!

    • Lusy Aaltje

      Glad I could share…. thank you for being here!!!

  • Jemmy

    To be honest, many times I don’t think 365 days enough because still many many things to do… target to reach… this, that… Thanks for reminder Lus… GBU!

    • Lusy Aaltje

      Relax and enjoy, cousin! All will be okay… You are welcome and thanks for stopping by!!

      • Andre

        I am the same like kak Reki. Thanks to remind to relax and enjoy kak Lus… Gbu…

        • Lusy Aaltje

          You are welcome, Andre! Thank you for being here!!

  • Your Auntie

    Ah yes, that sunset is from her birthday ya? Fun moment!!! You’re right, Lus…. remember the good times… forget the bad. Life goes on… 

    • Lusy Aaltje

      Yes… we live and learn, right auntie? Thank you for all the supports here, by the way… I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!!! Hugs!!!

  • Olive

    Should be enough..

    • Lusy Aaltje

      I hear you! ;-)

  • A. C.

    You made me smile, Lus… so is this a strict warning? ;-) Good luck with everything!!! 

    • Lusy Aaltje

      LOL @ a strict warning! I don’t know about you or everybody else for that matter. I believe it’s a waste of time to vent on-line let alone do it on the comment section of someone else blog / post.

      As for my own posts, I write them in the way I want because it’s how I express myself. Other people can take it or leave it! I write about my life, all the people / things in it, and of course about me with the hope that by doing so, I can learn more from the interaction on the comment sections here.

      That’s not so hard to understand, right?

  • Lm

    Yes, be grateful… you had 2 wonderful celebrations with your friends already… think about that… you have friends everywhere… all over the world… you can bring your own family one day and celebrate with them… there’s no limit, right?

    • Lusy Aaltje

      I know!!!