A long and winding road

~ framed ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
Now what?

That is the first question in my head when the new things (and people) started coming into my life. It took time for me to get used to each and everyone of them. Needless to say, it’s been challenging.

Change, after all, is not always an easy thing.

To accept them is one thing, to make the most out of them is another. In fact, it almost felt like I was paying an old debt. I mean, I had been praying for them and once I had them, I’d better knew exactly what to do! Let me choose one example – my internet connection. I lived with a super lame connection for years. I’m glad I survived but for sure, life would be so much better with a good one. However, getting a better one doesn’t make life easier.

If anything, it makes life even more challenging.

Don’t I learn it the hard way! It is all done now but changing the entire look of my website as well as editing 80 blogs are definitely not something I would like to do again! It was a pain in the you-know-where and I longed for the end of the road right after I started editing the first five blogs!

With a lame connection, I have a legitimate reason not to get things done the way they should or the way I want them to be (don’t ask which one has more ‘severe’ consequences!). I could always say the reason I didn’t do those editing was because of a too slow of a connection. That excuse is long gone!

I’m grateful that after all is said and done, I am still sane. However, the ‘pain’ linger so I dare say I had enough of editing everything every time I change the look of my website!! There were just too many things to do at once, on many parts of the page, even a clear focus didn’t help much!

The sunset picture above suggested a solution I didn’t expect but was more than willing to accept! Yes, I love when things ‘click’ too! The title ‘framed’ was created based on the way the trees framing the entire picture. Now it is telling me to frame the way I do things on my website from now on.

There should be a clear ‘workflow’ to give guidance as to what to do every time I make a major change here. It should be made based on the priorities by considering the purpose of each part of my website. So I won’t have to feel like everything is falling apart before I can build the new place because everything is still here! They just need a better structure.

Sounds a lot like ‘life’, don’t you think?



  1. Olive says

    LOL at ‘the pain linger’ !!!!!!!!!

    You poor girl! I’m cracking up so much right now. I might have to come back for a proper comment. Sorry Lus…

    • says

      LOL! I know… I thought once I have a better connection, things are going to be easier. Well, I guess that’s how we live life by being responsible huh? Thank you for being here! xxx

    • Olive says

      Agree. Better things demand higher responsibilities so yes, it’s a lot like life. I also agree with having a clear structure. I can see that every theme is different so without a structure? I don’t know how you did it!!!

      I love the final touch, by the way. You nail it with this one.

    • Vallya says

      It’s a lot like relationship…. lmao…. I say this on behalf of me, btw.

    • says

      I’m done with the entire setting of the page as well as editing all the posts and pages. I’m in the middle of dealing with the ‘categories’ and ‘tags’ which is the reason why all these must be done now. I’m adding new things in the future and the categories will play an important role as to how I’ll share them here. Hopefully all can be done today because as you said, I’m too busy…………

    • A. C. says

      How do you make them different Lus? Categories and Tags? Wish I could help…

    • says

      Category is the main way to group the posts on a blog site. It depends on what you share. That is why, mostly we only need around 10 categories per site. 

      Tag is a more specific way to group the posts and usually it is created according to the content of each post. Therefore, it’s normal for a site to have hundred of tags. 

      It’s okay. I’m almost done. To me, the challenge is not to change my mind about the tag every now and then. LOL Thank you for offering helps! Much appreciated!

  2. A. C. says

    I went around and really like what I see here!!!!! It has all.the important elements for your site: black background for your picture, white background for your writing, element of surprise (when I go to the blog page and the sidebar shows with all the goodies in it) and a simple yet stunning home page! You DO nail it with this one! Yes, responsibilities on-line and real life are the same. Anything that is worth doing, worth doing well.

    Can’t wait to see the new things you’ll add here.

    • says

      I agree with this: 

      Anything that is worth doing is worth doing well …

      Sounds like my dad! :-) Thank you for the feedback about the new theme here! I can say that I’m glad to have all the things I want and need on my site. Finally! This is the first time I experience the feeling of not wanting to change any setting on my site. Which is a HUGE relief! 

      Again, thank you!!

    • Brian says

      I agree with the setting. Lovely and it has all the necessary things for your site. I like the black and white icons of social media on top right too! So much better than the colorful one. Classy!

  3. Andre says

    Congrats kak Lus. Please don’t forget us with bad connection here. Please keep in touch and don’t underestimate us….

    • says

      You are making me sad with this comment, Andre! Of course, I won’t forget my families and friends in Indonesia. I came from there and I know how it was to have a bad connection. I will never underestimate the fact that everybody can get connected there. I’ll be thankful, more likely. I know, people change most especially when they have more money. I’ll try my best not to go ‘there’. Life is too short, right? Thanks for being here!!

    • Your Auntie says

      Please don’t. We wish you all best Lus and we miss you… Going back to Jakarta after his study – hope soon – and you already move.

    • says

      I hope he will finish his study back home as soon as possible, auntie. I want it as much as you and everybody else! We owe this to our grandparents, yes? Getting a degree. A lot of people don’t even have enough money to study. I hope everything will be okay soon (yes, I just got some news from home). Hugs!!!

  4. says

    Heehee… I can totally relate with this, Lusy… But I’m sure you would agree with me, that all the pain is worthwhile when all is done, right? When we can finally sit back at watch our work, with so much pride… Congratulation again, on a job well done! :-)

    • says

      Thank you so much, Ruzie! My cousin above also reminded me to never forget where I came from. I think that is the essence of all these – gratitude. I’m glad I could share this ‘journey’ with you and thanks, once again, for everything! It’s the people that count, right? Hugs!!!

    • says

      This year is the start of a new decade. I have been in a constant reminder of being grateful ever since it started on January 1st 2011, thanks to my families and friends. So yes, gratitude is the key! Thanks, Brian! :-)

Any thoughts?