1. Vallya says

    You’ve been dreaming huh? ^______^ 

    Some people don’t dare to dream so I think it’s good. 

    • A. C. says

      But then again, we can have more than one dreams in our lives… ‘illustrations’, right? Sorry, it’s been a long day. Good luck to both of you, cousins!!! :)

    • says

      You both made me smile from ear to ear! It’s a lot like daily life, eh? Yes, I have more than I need right now Gatha so things are going well. :-) But as you said, don’t stop dreaming! Now, what happened with your day? These comments were posted 3 days ago – around the last time I heard from you. Ummm…

    • says

      I know! Just remember you reap what you sow so be careful. Don’t dream about the wrong things. You’ll be wasting your own time and later you must find another book to write. Good luck with _______ !!

    • Your Auntie says

      A lot of opportunity are waste of time… yes, be careful with what you dream of!

  2. Ray says

    Dream is indeed the ‘freedom’ of the soul. There can be physical limitation but one can still dream as long as s/he wants. Cherish yours Lus…

    • says

      What you said here is so true. I’ve met people who are physically active but their souls are dead because they don’t dare to dream. They have fear and I feel so sad for them. Usually, they are facing a great life challenge like a disease. But helps will always find their ways, right?

      Yes, I cherish my dreams every day. Some of them are already here so how can I not to? I’m rubbing it on your nose, huh? Alright then, sorry… no offense, okay? :-) Thanks for being here!

    • Brian says

      There’s nothing worse than living a life without hope as in dare to dream. It’s like a zombie – dead inside but walking everywhere. Hope I won’t scare you with this… 😉

    • says

      No, you didn’t scare me with the zombie comment… unless you are one which will definitely make me flee my own blog… LOL… kidding! Thanks heaps, Brian!

  3. Olive says

    What lies in the future is still unknown to any of us BUT that is why it is the most important! We should make it our utmost priority! The past is history, there is NOTHING we can do about that, might as well forget it. What we have right now is here to enjoy but remember what we do NOW will most likely AFFECT our future. 

    So dream and dream well, Sunset Girl! I know you know what to do. 

    I’ll have your back! xxxxxxx

    • says

      I used what you said here to remind my cousin up there! That we should try our best to not only dream but also do it well. :-) Thanks for that and the reminder in the rest of your comment! Much appreciated!!!

  4. Lm says

    Don’t be too nice and naive wherever you are. People will always try to take advantage or take you for granted.

    • says

      It’s okay. I think one doesn’t have to move to a new country to meet people like that. We meet them here every day. So no need to be worried! Everything will be okay! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! Big big hugs!!!!

    • Brian says

      I can add 1+1=2 so good luck with wherever you’re moving to, Sunset Girl!

    • says

      Thank you!!! I am going to share this picture again for a special reason. It’s one of my favorite sunset pictures. :-) Take care and good luck with everything!!!

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