Beauty of the Beast

~ Mount Lokon ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

The title of this blog is how I describe a volcano, after learning what happened in my country as far back as I could. I went to Lake Toba in North Sumatera last March. It’s the world’s largest volcano lake thanks to the eruption many years ago. I talked to friends who have been to Mount Krakatau that erupted many years ago as well. The earth temperature went down because of the magnitude of the ash sent to the atmosphere by Mount Krakatau.

In this case, ignorance is NEVER a bliss!

I am by far not an expert in this. I have no plan on becoming one either. However, coming from a country with so many active volcanoes on both big and small islands, I couldn’t help but wondering WHY. My mind is filled with thoughts, trying to find the answer by using simple ‘explanation’. I prefer that way because simplicity brings people closer instead of creating a gap because of some know-it-all attitudes.

So tell me, how do YOU describe a volcano?




  1. Vallya says

    LOL @ beauty of the beast! True that. Why would you go near an active volcano is not make sense to me. That’s crazy! Is it just me?

    • says

      Well, I did have to find a title for this post. ;-P Thanks for being here, cousin! As for going near an active volcano, within a reasonable distance, I think it’s okay. I would think twice if it’s in the middle of an eruption though. I can think of some other better things in life to take some risks for. Like our four nephews and nieces, for instance. Hugs!!!

      PS: You have to calm down a bit, alright?

    • says

      Calm down, auntie! The answer to both questions of yours: No, I’m not!

      @novalya:twitter : Do you see what I meant? You owe me some yoghourt at JCo!

    • Jens Hovmöller says

      I visited Indonesia couple of years ago and then I climbed mount Semeru as it was erupting, it was a great experience, it had about four eruptions per hour, and mostly just dust. But standing on the rim, feeling the ground shaking as the guide shouts “run” is a special experience. Does wanting that make me

  2. Vallya says

    My description, a reason why the land near it is lush and healthy for farming. 

    Long, sorry…

    • says

      That’s exactly what I think about it. These volcanoes must be one of the reasons why the land is rich and good for agriculture. I just wish there were not many villages located too close to them because that’s when things get dangerous. O_o

    • says

      No, this one was taken in early 2009 when I went to the same resort I went more than a week ago. I went there with mom, dad, Valya and Andre. :-)

    • says

      Sleeping beauty sounds nice!!! 😛 Thanks for being here and no worries needed. We’ll be safe. You take care too, okay?

    • Lusy Aaltje says

      I’m on the way to Tomohon right now. Mom’s cousin, om Roy, is celebrating his birthday. I know. No need to worry. All is well. Your mom is with us too. :-)

    • Jemmy says

      Eruption again yes? Your dad going to hospital in Tomohon or not? Be careful.

    • says

      Well, it’s his job. I’m going up there with him in a moment. No worries! All is okay. Regards to Teta and the kids for me, okay? Talk soon!

  3. Dee says

    You are right… it’s beautiful but not so much when eruption. I see volcanoes as blessing for the land. If eruption, it is a warning to be good to nature.

  4. A. C. says

    You are on-line? Not chasing the sunset?

    Anyway, I think of volcanoes as a reminder to not underestimate the power of mother nature.

    • says

      Hi there! Yes, I’ve been on and off – not exactly sit in front of the computer but no chasing the sunset today because my mom needs my company.

      Anyway, I agree with you about not underestimating the power of mother nature. We shouldn’t be a snob. There are a lot of things in this life that we can’t even control, right? Volcano eruption is just one of them. Thanks for answering my question in this blog. Much appreciated! :-)

    • Brian says

      I can’t agree more! I read Mount Lokon is getting more active. Is it true?

    • says

      Andre: I read about that on the paper this morning too, Andre! Mount Lokon is more dangerous because there are villages nearby. I do hope it won’t go up to the dangerous level where people have to be evacuated.

      Brian: I got some ‘news’ that some people have already been evacuated from the city of Tomohon which is worrying. It still has to be confirmed because this is not a game! So I’ll get back to this thread asap.

      Thank you both for being here!

Any thoughts?