A Work in Progress

~ a work in progress ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
I read some of my old blogs with me trying to explain my previous absence from blogging. Now I’m back after not posting any blog for more than a year. Or two. This time, however, there are no excuses other than I did not feel like sharing anything here.

So I gave myself a long break from blogging and after all is said and done, I chose to focus on ‘now’.

The bottom line is: nobody is perfect. Just like everybody else, I am still a work in progress. I am completely okay with that and so grateful for the supports from families and friends during these on and off blogging years! With the pass of time came the realization that my website is not perfect either. The previous theme was no longer able to meet the ongoing demands. As the result, I decided to change.

The website theme, that is!
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Return to Innocence

~ return to innocence ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
As someone who lives in a country that is an archipelago, flying is the main access when travel time is short. Having a hometown at the northernmost part of the country shortened the means of transport list as well! Add those with the rest of the journeys to go in a year? Sitting on the plane can be an art of itself!

Despite the risks and dramas which sometimes occur on the plane (why is getting off the plane in order of row is so difficult for people to fathom?!!), it is possible to keep everything in tact throughout the journey. Most especially when we know the reason we are on that plane at the first place.

How to make it counts, though?
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