Connecting the Dots

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Against all odds.

I bet most of us have heard that expression at least once and it may even be a cliche for many.

It wasn’t until these last couple of weeks that I started pondering about it though.

I couldn’t help it after what happened recently.

I remember flying home more than a week ago to be here with my parents and sister and that’s pretty much it!

I don’t have ‘fancy’ plan like the last time I flew home back in April 2011 to celebrate a special moment with people I love the most.

Dealing with what need to be done is the only thing on my to-do list. Needless to say, that list of mine is not long. Most of those things were ‘checked’ several days after I arrived home. Therefore, I really didn’t expect the following life challenges.

Let alone knowing exactly how to handle them!

I mean, how do you handle a loss of a cousin who was a father of four little children? I know it didn’t happen to our family only but still nobody was prepared for that! More than a week after he was gone, we had a family gathering. We were playing and laughing with his wife and children. No more regrets and sorrow! Thank goodness!

I dream about those children growing up as four good people.

The next things we knew, two active volcanoes near my hometown started ‘coughing’. I was like, come on! TWO??? I went to one of them last Friday because I know most volcanoes didn’t look the same after an eruption. It would be good to have some ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, right? What I saw in the nearby villages was more important to me because they opened my eyes.

Life in those villages went on as usual just the way it must be!

It was not that they didn’t care because some people did carry masks wherever they went. It just that, like it or not, life goes on! If some difficulties happen in our lives, then there will be a way out. The key is to keep on moving because if we don’t, we’ll never reach the way out even if it’s right in front of us! I felt inspired and hope to blog more than before.

It’s nice when all the dots are connected, isn’t it?



  1. A. C. says

    My long answer is: no, it’s not just happen to you and your family. You have to remember this though, you are extremely lucky to have such a strong family who support one another Lus! That is why you could go through this faster. You see the light faster, yes?

    • says

      YES!!! —> that’s my short answer.

      The long one is; to be honest, I am still learning and my best teachers are my parents. I’m grateful to have them and all I want in this world is for them to be happy. I believe if I want the right thing, doors will be opened.

      So when I look at those four kids last night, I couldn’t help but thinking how they see me as one of their aunties. What kind of teacher will I be for them as they grow up and understand life better?

      I still don’t have the answer but I will try my best, that’s one thing for sure!

    • Vallya says

      I’m learning also and trying my best to fix the mistakes I did in the past so that when I have children one day, they don’t have to pay for my karma. 

    • says

      It’s good that you’re learning. We all do! I don’t have any comments about ‘your’ karma because your karma is your business, vice versa. Right? Hugs!!!

    • Vallya says

      I got it sis. Sorry about my previous comment here and there. I’m just not buying anymore old bull sh*t. Yes, I owe you yogurt. HUGS!!

    • says

      I can’t agree more! Now I remember the drawing books I used to have when I was a kid with all the dots I had to connect just to see what kind of pictures they were! Ah, life and all its lessons are priceless!!! :-)))

    • says

      I know! You already mentioned it on my previous blog. I posted this one as a scheduled post on Friday but I hit the wrong button so it became ‘draft’ instead. That’s why it wasn’t automatically posted.

      It’s good though because I had the chance to edit this last night by adding what happened during the family gathering yesterday. :-) I’m thinking on keeping its original date.

      By that I mean, changing the post date back to Friday because I already made a scheduled post for today. I made that post after uploading the original picture on my Flickr. Ummm….

    • Olive says

      It’s your blog. You can do whatever you want and I’m also glad you can post regularly in the middle of these troubles. Good luck!

    • says

      Thanks for the support! I think I’m going to stick with the ‘schedule’ as much as I can so yes, I’m changing the date of this post back to its original plan on Friday. :-) Again, thank you!!!

  2. Dee says

    Oh no.. moderation… I put the wrong email… not complete… sorry… I said we are old. Hehe…

  3. Vallya says

    I’m glad we all can move on together. I can’t wait to see the pictures you took during your visit to Manado this time. You have a lot of them ya? 

    • says

      I’m glad too! And yes, more pictures taken this time. It’s only a short visit and I can’t be more grateful. You’ll see them soon. Thanks for being here!

  4. Lm says

    You have to be a good example to the next generation. Be a blessing to others, not curse. Give and not take.

    Also we can not be over protective with these kids. They will be ok. They have 18 uncles and aunties who love them. All oma and opa are old.

  5. says

    Thank you, auntie! I will try my best. Wisdom is the most important thing in life. Money comes & goes, beauty fades away and there’s always someone else who’s smarter than you. :-)

Any thoughts?