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Crack of Dawn

~ crack of dawn ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

~ crack of dawn ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

First blog posted under the “un-categorized” category!

This post was written last night but I waited till the right moment before finally posting it.

It’s just like its title!

I’m keeping the date when I wrote it though and yes, it has been a week since the last time I posted a blog.

Until now, I can’t help but smiling whenever I remember all the messages I got during this week. Apparently, families and friends have been wondering about my lack of blogs. They all asked whether I was okay or not.


Well, am I?


YES, I am okay! It’s the usual “busy” reason with things in the real life. Since I’ve decided that this is not the place for me to share personal updates, all I can say is, last week has just been counted as one of the best weeks I’ve had in 2010 so far. Things are moving so fast, I found myself so inspired but at the same time, after all said and done, I know I have to do it differently.


I need to change.


Before you start smiling, thinking that this is the right time to throw “I’ve told you so!” at me, let me just say that what I mean by ‘changing’ is the way I do things on-line. I’ve been sharing things on-line for years. This year is, by far, the most challenging one for me. I love privacy thus I only share personal updates and future plans with people I trust the most.


It is about “where” to share “what”.


I’m beyond grateful that I have a place to share my writing with everybody as well as some places to share the not so public updates with some people. However, I had forgotten that the list of “people I trust the most” must include “me” on it! Therefore, there should be a place where I can have the liberty of writing without the need of sharing with anybody but me.


There are different ways of sharing things.


Thanks to a conversation with my best friend, Ita, who told me how she found her old travel journal to Israel among all of her books last week, it suddenly dawned in me that I hadn’t written on a real journal constantly for years! I tried it again last week and I’m glad the words still flew like before. I would be dumb struck if I write faster on my laptop than on a paper.


Balancing everything is the key!


Finding peace is the result!








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  • Vallya

    Can i read ur journal, sist?? Hehehehe… Happy to read ur blog again!! Enjoy writing both ur blog and journal…

  • Lusy – The Sunset Girl

    Back in the good old days, when I was still with my first boyfriend, we wrote our own journals then every weekend, we swapped. Cute, huh? ;-)

    Anyway, I am enjoying it so much! It's nice to be back to write journals again. Hopefully it won't make me fall out of love with blogging. Kidding!

    As for reading it, sure you can! :-) Thanks for being here, cousin! Big hugs!!!

  • Vallya

    Hahahaha…. So funny! Do u steel have that old diary??

    Btw sist, u not blog but u made ur own group and a fanpage for Ita in FB..

    Also ur personal FB page,all of them are going okay. Now you are writing ur journal again..

    Getting more busy writing,huh? Good on you, mate! Hehehehehe…Hugs

  • Lusy – The Sunset Girl

    LOL No, I don't have it with me anymore – not sure if I still want to have it, me being me.

    And yes, you're right. I have a lot on my plate right now. Not to mention the other projects I'm working on. As you know already, this blogging site of mine is just a start. ;-)

    I'm just going to enjoy them as I go – count our blessings, right? Thanks so much for all the support you've been giving me. Big hugs!!!

    • Vallya

      U r here now! YAY!!!! So where is that journal? LOL Love you, sist! ^_^ HUGS!!!

      • Lusy Aaltje


  • Sumaiku Novi

    Glad to read again your new blog since I have read your blog last week… It was amazing when I found that my old travel journey. It gave me warm feeling when I read it… Big big hugs..

  • Lusy – The Sunset Girl

    I have the same feeling every time I read my old journals too! Thank you for the inspiration, Ita. Now I know how to channel all the thoughts in my head well. Also, I am glad I can use the 'uncategorized' category on my blog now. It's the best way of breaking my own rule of 3 blog categories. :-P
    Big hugs right back at you, my friend!

  • Nona Mt

    No offense, bella, but the ‘uncategorized’ category has been around since forever, right? You just used this for this blog? This is the way you break your own rules, huh? You’re cracking me up, you silly girl!

    Anyway, I have a new ‘wish upon a star’ now. It’s just like Valya, a wish to read your private journal. ~wink~ Enjoy everything you do and make the most out of it. I know what we see here is only the surface. Good luck!!! xoxo

  • Nona Mt

    PS: I’m using my FB account to post these comments now, btw. I didn’t see the button to share it on FB before but I do now so this one is going to my FB wall. Hope it works! You have to approve them again. ~smile~

  • Sumaiku Novi

    Btw sis where did you took the picture? wondering color of the sun and cloud… good picture :-))

  • Lusy – The Sunset Girl

    LOL @ breaking my own rules… You got that right! :-P What you see here is only the surface, huh? Oh really? ;-) Thanks so much for all the supports, Nona! Hugs!!!

  • Lusy – The Sunset Girl

    It did work! I didn't realize that there is an application page on Facebook for comments on my blog!!! I saw Ita already “liked” it. Gosh… I don't know how it got there. Needless to say, I'm not sure what to do with it. Oh well, … Anyway, thanks! Hugs!!!

  • Lusy – The Sunset Girl

    I already shared this on my Facebook, Ita. It was taken at Mount Kelimutu, Flores last year. Thanks for all the supports! Big hugs!!!

  • Debby

    Nice picture Lusy… You can share anything here,and i really like your story…Keep blogging ok….Hugs niece…

  • Lusy – The Sunset Girl

    Thank you so much, Auntie. I can’t wait to see you back home – soon, right? Take care and a big hugs back at you!

  • Jillarooc

    It’s a wonderful way to document your days and your idea. xoxox

    • Lusy Aaltje

      I can’t agree more. Thanks so much, Ronnie! Sorry for the late reply.

  • Inge

    It is about “where” to share “what”. I like your quote ;)
    Some people are just too nosey about other’s business, lol.

    Once again, I like your picture!

    • Lusy Aaltje

      You’re so right! But it’s their problem – not ours. Let’s keep learning by sharing. Life is good, right? Challenging but still good. :-)

  • Vallya

    Change of plan ya sist? hehe… good luck with the private blogs! HUGS!!!!

    • Lusy Aaltje

      I’ve changed my plans about this a lot of times but all is so far so good. So no worries. ;-) Thanks for everything, cousin! Big hugs right back atcha!!!

  • Olive

    Balancing everything is always good. How is the writing new journal? The new book, right?

    • Lusy Aaltje

      It’s all good over here. :-) Thank you for asking!!!