Do It Yourself: Finding the Rhythm

~ in a row ~ Sunset from my balcony at home ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
Writer’s block is one of the reasons why blogging can be a challenge and often times the culprit is ‘lack of inspiration’. I personally think it depends!

In my honest opinion, there is no such thing as lack of inspiration if the source is within ourselves. Everybody is unique and we all live different lives with various stories to share.

So I believe in other reasons for writer’s block such as unable to focus, in a bad mood and so on and so forth, more than lack of inspiration. Unless, of course, the source of inspiration is not from within oneself which is another story all together. Having said all that, it is one thing to be inspired.

It is another thing to know how to use it.

Some people might think blogging for three years are not ‘experienced’ enough. To me, it is enough to recognize my own strengths and weaknesses. If truth be told, I don’t have problem finding inspirations because they are everywhere. Life itself is an inspiration! However, I used to find it difficult to put them into some pieces of writing in a more consistent way. Not to mention the fact that procrastination is one of the things I do well sometimes.

So how to use all the inspirations well?

As you can see on my blog page, I made a decision to write blogs about three things – general issues, photo blog and travel tales. Yes, sunset is the main theme but I decided that I need to help myself with some sub-themes. It’s not like I’m planning to be the next Hemingway or Twain. I’m just being me. So my blogs are as simple as they can get, mainly about my own experiences. Like the title of this blog, learning by sharing.

I thought the sub-themes is enough to find my writing rhythm.

I was wrong! The thing is, there are too many things to share about each sub-themes I chose! So I still found it difficult to know for sure what’s next – not because of no writing ideas but because of too many to choose! Then I bumped into a friend of mine who said this: Inspirations need to be organized. You can’t share something if the source of your inspiration is lost among all of those files, pictures folders, notes, etc of yours!

So the minute I started blogging, I also started organizing everything.

~ my Flickr organiser ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

It was not easy, mind you! Imagine having thousands of picture of sunset, landscape, flower, people, and so on and so forth? What you can see on My Flickr Organiser up there is just a tiny part of the things I had to organize a couple of months back. I’m glad I’m done and all the pain I had to go through paid off! Now I know what to share next.

Organizing everything does make life simpler!



  1. says

    Let me get this clear, THAT is only a tiny part of the things you had to organize??? I'm mighty shock here, bella! I, for one, have never seen a very organized Flickr account EVER! Goodness me! You are Miss Organized. That's a compliment, by the way. Anyway, good luck with writing blogs. There must be some challenges but I know you'll make it. ~smile~

  2. Lia says

    Organizing your own blog is a real challenge. It's like having your own room or house. You need and you want to make it as personal as it can be. And being a newbie, I bump into many troubles in getting what I want. Still learning though. Because there is a possibility that I will never get the little house with a small garden and a piano I dream about, I want to organize my blog as if I organize my own house. Still, there are still so many many things I don't know how to achieve them.

    One ultimate reason why I write blog is to share things. Which then brings me to my next problem. I want EVERYONE to have the same opportunity to read my blog. So I need to write it not only in English, but also in Indonesian. Yet I felt that writing in Indonesian has even more challenges I never thought I would encounter. If I thought that because I've been spending my whole life speaking, listening, and reading in Indonesian will make me easy enough to write a post in Indonesian then that was totally wrong. I really have a big trouble in maintaining one style of language throughout my one post. I can use three versions of “no” from the formal, semi-formal, and Javanese dialect in one post. It turns out that it is not as easy as I thought it would be. So, this is definitely give me a new challenge. I don't want to be able to write posts in good English grammar but awful Indonesian. I should be really ashamed of myself in that case.

  3. Lia says

    So, yes, blogging is challenging. But I really like the challenge. We can learn together kak Lus, together with other bloggers. I love reading and I would love to be a good writer.

    Sorry, I guess I just rambled again. Thanks!

  4. says

    :-) @ Miss Organized. Thanks, Nona. I could use a Personal Assistant though. hehe… Anyway, I'm doing this because it's something I love doing. I do know where I'm from and will always be grateful for all the supports I'm getting from families and friends. One of them is you! THANK YOU!!!

  5. says

    First and foremost, you can ramble on my blog anytime you feel like it! I agree with you, it's a learning process. I, for one, don't want to be a blogging 'expert' because then there will be no new thing for me to learn. I know I would hate that! So I accept your offer. Yes, let's learn together.

    The story of your dream made me smile from ear to ear because I love simplicity. I hope it will come true one day and I can pay you a visit. Will you play the piano for me? (^.^)

    As for writing blogs in Indonesia, I thought about that too! However, my families and friends in the real life use this page of mine as a way to practice their English so I changed my mind about making the Indonesian section. I might consider it again in the future.

    I can relate to the difficulties we face when writing in Indonesian because of so many influences from local languages based on where we're from. I'd say in Manadonese: E do do e… 😉 Good luck with the plans you have for your blog, Lia!

    I thank you for being here. Hugs!!!

  6. says

    This part of your blog is very beautiful, Lus:

    Life itself is an inspiration!

    You have a beautiful heart. Stubborn but beautiful still! Keep on writing, okay?

  7. says

    LOL @ stubborn! I just ordered McDonalds – I almost choked on my coke reading that part. Nona already reminded me about it on Facebook but I still didn't see it coming! haha…
    Thank you!

  8. says

    ~smile~ @ almost choked on your coke… I like the way you can find inspiration within yourself, bella! Good on ya, mate! ~wink~

  9. says

    That's the most important thing, in my honest opinion. There are so many things out there and if we don't follow the inspiration we have within us, we will be lost. Thanks for accepting the request! Hugs!!!

  10. annie says

    Yes I agree with you inspiration is everywhere. Organizing it by category is harder. I love sharing but my major problem I notice is other bloggers use the info. I have and use it for themselves…giving themselves credit but to me? That makes me wonder…and people should have free knowledge of everything why bring it to one graves? I also don't like the idea of people charging other for fees of sharing. I think that is selfish.

  11. Vallya says

    LOL…. ^________^
    It's a secret! I wanna see those folder of ur “Flickr”,sit! May i? Hehehehehe..
    I not have many pictures but u r right. I must organise them.Thank you sist……(“,)

  12. says


    I absolutely agree with you, sis! We should give credit where it is due. What goes around comes around, right? I asked permission first before posting someone else picture here. Even when my friend said no need to give credit (like the tea ladies picture on my “Little by little” blog), I still wrote her name underneath my blog. I didn't use the full name though to respect her privacy. Thanks for being here! Hugs!!!



    LOL!!! I can't believe you paid attention to my Flickr organizer picture that much!!! Yes, I have secret folders on my Flickr. Those are for things I will share in the future. I upload as many pictures as my connection allows me (you know how unreliable it can be!) but share them one at a time. ;-P Thanks for the comment, cousin! Hugs!!!

  13. says

    My office just moved to a new place; Lus. I have been organizing everything; the files; the equipments; etc… so I know what you mean by 'organizing' will help the way we work. You are right! Keep on doing what you do. Btw; when will you share our trip? hehe…

  14. says

    I know… I'm glad everything is working well in the new place. I hope all the new things you need to set up will be done sooner than later though so you can start working normally like before the move. Good luck with 'organizing' everything! As for our trips, stay tuned! 😉 Hugs!!!

  15. Jenny says

    Wow…so you're a miss organizer huh….!! that's still my dream…talking about organizing things…like i said before, my son just had a birthday party and got plenty gifts..and now i'm having trouble just organizing his's already the second day since his birthday and it's still not organized…sometimes you just don't know where to start…it's getting easier as you go's just the first stop is always hard…
    Anyway, about writing a blog..i agree with you Lus, inspiration is always there…plenty of them…it's the way to put them in words, especially in organized story is not easy for some people…i'm one of takes time just to brainstorm your ideas…
    Well, still love reading your blogs Lus..i wish i had more free time going online…it's a bit limited now since my son is on summer vacation…he's asleep now so i can take some little time to drop you some comment here…

  16. says

    First of all, thank you so much for making the time to read my silly blogs Jane! So nice of you. I'm simply sharing my experiences and thoughts. Having the freedom to do so is already a great blessing to me. You know how unreliable my connection can be, right? Not to mention some other challenges I have to face just to get this page up & running. Your support will always be greatly appreciated. I believe there is time for everything under the sun and the time will come for you to blog if that's what you want to do. Just enjoy and do the best with what we have today, right? I can't agree more about the first step is the most difficult one, by the way. Good luck with everything up there and give your son a hug for me, please? Hugs you too!!!

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