Do It Yourself: Getting Things Done

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July 2011 is unlike any other July I had in my life, as far as I can remember.

Given the fact that I’m getting older faster than I should, I guess it is safe to say that my memory does go quite far.

What happened prior to school is the one part in my life I find not easy to recall. My family moved to and went back from the capital in early 1980’s so I think that can be the reason behind the blur memory.

When it comes to the month of July, what I have are some special July moments when I was a kid. However, I will save them for another blog. This July taught me many lessons that can be summarized into one simple sentence.

Life is too short so stick to what matters the most!

If truth be told, I’m glad that I got things done in July 2011. However, it didn’t happen without any challenges. To my surprise, unlike previous years, this time it doesn’t matter anymore. It is incredibly amazing to see those challenges came with their own solutions. I can say this, two of my prayers in 2010 were answered in July 2011!

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In this busy life with all of its hustle and bustle, it is easy to be distracted by things and people that don’t really matter if we could just at least ‘try’ to be honest with ourselves. A dear friend of mine, for instance, spent years just to realize that the opportunity she once saw was just another long and winding detour!

So yes, I’m glad I stick to what matters the most which is my family.

All the challenges in life are bearable because they actually made us closer – to one another and to our dreams. My dad told me this; nobody is telling you that life is easy but no matter what, your families will always be there for you. And he’s absolutely right!

I know, I’m lucky. Therefore, I’m grateful.



    • says

      Thanks for being here, auntie! Actually I’m even prouder of them because of the ways they’ve been supporting me – my parents and sister.

      By simply being there for me both in the real life and on-line. They don’t have to do anything else but that. So it’s pure and simple.

      I know I got a lot of supports from others as well and I’m also grateful for all that. So thanks once again for everything! Hugs!!!

    • Lm says

      Yes, supporting you and your sister by being here for you. That’s it! And remember that you will have it forever. Nobody can take it away.

    • Alex says

      Yes, we are – with integrity! 

      So, Lusy, it’s good your prayers answered in July 2011. Good luck!

  1. Vallya says

    I know what I did wrong online and I thank you for let me know sis… will try not to do that again…7 blogs this July = July 2010 when you just start this. Yay!!! Hugs!!!

    • says

      Yes, 7 blogs last month – the same with last year. Hopefully I can post more blogs this month. We shall see. It’s nice that you noticed it before me. Thanks for everything, Valya! I appreciate your supports more than you’ll ever know. Hugs!!!

    • says

      Not a chance! All I can say is, I’ve been enjoying them too much, no time to reply the comments let alone post a blog. Everything is okay now though as in working as planned so I can be back here. :-) Again, thank you!

  2. Annie says

     Yes, family is always there to bail you out for an emergency. 

    I agree with that.

    Annie (NJ)

    • says

      Thanks so much, sis… Sorry I haven’t been to your blog yet. I’ve been busy building a system for the new place also there’s a recent update of the theme I’m using so it took me a couple of days to re-vamp everything. Again, thank you for the visit! xoxo

    • says

      To be honest, I was shocked reading these replies! I didn’t mean to make you both sad, really….

      Recky, your mom was my godmother and I only have two so when she was gone, I was so sad as well because the other one lives back home – far away. Valya, I know… That’s why I hope you’ll make your decision carefully because I don’t want you to follow the same road.

      Now, can we all please smile? It’s Glen’s 40 days memorial service back home and from now on, we’re supposed to celebrate his life. It’s a blessing to know such a cousin, right? Thank you both for everything. Both of you are the perfect examples of what I shared on this post.

      Big big hugs!!!!

  3. A. C. says

    It’s great news to know your prayers were answered!!! How about the reason you went home for the third time this year, is everything okay with that as well? I read a reply from Valya somewhere on your old blog about it. 

    • A. C. says

      Or maybe a comment from her then you replied mentioning about it? Sorry Lus, I don’t remember exactly…

    • says

      Sorry for the late response, Gatha! I think Valya mentioned something about me going home and I replied to her… I don’t remember exactly either. So no worries! 😛

      Everything is okay with ‘that’. Thank you for your concern! I really appreciate it. Rest assured that I will let my parents know about it. They will be very happy. :-)

    • says

      Well, I’m not a boy. LOL Thanks for everything, I mean! Don’t forget to check the link I gave you! I think you will like it. It has a different flavor but much better than the regular one. :-)))

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