Do It Yourself: Walk the walk

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A year in review.

Last month, April 9th 2011, was the first anniversary of this website of mine. On the one hand, a lot of things have been done in the real life since that day which will bring some changes to this site soon.

On the other hand, it took me almost one month to finally post a blog to mark the first year of this website. I couldn’t help but wondering, what to post for my ‘a year in review’ blog?

The challenge lies in being honest with what I have been doing here all these times. Fortunately, I didn’t have to look any further because the answers are right here on this site.

As usual, I’m doing it my own way.

After blogging for some times, I have some tags on this website and one of them is Do It Yourself. It was inspired by the reason I’m on-line which is ‘to learn by sharing’. Basically, I have learned a lot of things by being on-line such as blogging, web design and photography. Therefore, I do believe in learning new things by sharing and if I can do it, then anybody can do it too.

So far, I have posted eight Do It Yourself blogs. Most of them are about blogging and the lessons I got by doing it. I have passed some of those lessons but the rest are still a part of an on going process. That is why I decided to use all of them but the last one (I’m using it on a future post) to review the first year of Thesunsetgirl.Com.

~ in the beginning ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
First, a blog titled Do It Yourself: In the Beginning. I talked about the reason why I’m on-line as I mentioned above, to learn by sharing. What I gain by blogging which is more than new knowledge and skills. I have also met great people from all over the world and I’m honored to be their friends.


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Second, a blog titled Do It Yourself: Building Your Home. I shared why I went to a more serious way of sharing on-line by making my own website. My families – parents and sister – are the main force behind it. They want nothing but seeing me happily doing what I love doing. That is why I always find comfort in their supports despite all the challenges I have to face. They make all these feel like ‘home’.


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Third, a blog titled Do It Yourself: Courtesy. I ranted on that blog about a website whose owner posted my picture without asking my permission first. Did it stop right there? Not a chance! As a matter of fact, the main picture used on top of this blog was recently ‘stolen’ by an admin of a Facebook page. He shared that picture of mine on the wall of that page without my permission. I’ll follow up about this on another post.


~ the old boat ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
Fourth, a blog titled Do It Yourself: Sitou Timou Tumou Tou. It is a slogan of my hometown, Manado – North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The meaning is ‘we are blessed to become a blessing to other people’. I wrote about my gratitude for being able to bring blogging into the real life. I started it all by myself and now I can share it with family members and best friends. I am glad to provide a place where they can practice their English.


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Fifth, a blog titled Do It Yourself: Finding a Rhythm. It was a blog where I shared about writing my blogs under three main categories. I also mentioned that the inspiration to write comes from within me. I’m grateful for that. It is mostly expressed by the pictures I have taken so far. That is why I need to organize them on my Flickr.


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Sixth, a blog titled Do It Yourself: Walk the Talk. This is the only blog showing a lesson I haven’t passed yet. I posted it after Do It Yourself: Finding a Rhythm so it was about writing blogs under my three main categories consistently. I mentioned that I had posted 30 blogs after three months of blogging. After one year, I only managed to post 60 blogs. Do you see where I ‘failed’?


~ onwards ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
Seventh, a blog titled Do It Yourself: On Moving On. I shared about how I created other pages to learn by sharing on-line by the time this blog was posted. I created more things after that but not all of them are still around. I guess the lesson in this is: no matter how many challenges a.k.a. distractions we face, we are never truly lost if we do it from our hearts. So keep moving!

I hope I will learn more lessons in this second year of my website.

Thank you so much for being here all these times!



  1. Vallya says

    Sist… why I can not see anything here? I can see the first part on the homepage……. hmmmm….

    • Vallyasarayar says

      Good that it’s okay now… I thought I need new glasses… LOL I love that so many things you made in this first year and many lessons you learned. So now it’s time to focus on the second year, yes? Good luck!!!

    • says

      Phew!!! Thank you @novalya:twitter for everything! I agree with you, it’s time to focus on this second year and stop wasting anymore of our times! :-)

  2. A. C. says

    I can understand that 30 blogs in 3 months then only 60 in 1 year is not enough but you have so many things to do, yes?

    • Vallya says

      Not to mention so many distractions but hey, it’s life… sh*t happens! Right?

    • says

      Gatha: Yes, I have a lot of things to do and I’m doing them all by myself. Sometimes I got so tired but every time I remember my parents and sister, I try my best to keep moving. They are the reason behind everything I do right now, really. Thanks for being here! :-)

      Valya: Well, what can I say? We can only control our own actions. People have different reasons in life. I just want to stick to what I believe and do the right thing about it. Thanks so much, cousin! Hugs!!!!

    • Dee says

      I can imagine you get tired sometimes… with all these things to handle?!! But you always have our supports. I can be here sometimes, not all the time so when you don’t post often is actually good for me. But I also support in the real life even though only a cake every year… keep moving!!!

    • says

      And the cake you made for the celebration of’s first anniversary back home was AWESOME! (^.^) Thank you so much for everything! Big hugs!!!!

  3. A. C. says

    Well, I see distractions as certain type of ‘good things’ – you know, the ‘good things’ that have to fall apart for BETTER things to fall together. 😉

    • says

      We can have different ways of seeing things. I just want to keep on being grateful. In the end, distractions or dinosaurs, the show must go on. Am I right? :-) Thanks for being here again, Gatha! Have a nice weekend!!!

  4. Olive says

    Lus… don’t be too hard on yourself… look at what you do… this website, the facebook page, the facebook profile, twitter, linkedin, flickr, youtube, foursquare, what else I don’t know? And you do all by yourself. The way I see it? The first year was a GREAT one so smile, okay? Good luck with the second year!

    • Olive says

      Two Twitter account, yes? And you also help your cousin with his facebook page and twitter. If I’m not mistaken, you also help another friend with her facebook page? See what I mean? You’re doing okay… :-)

    • Ita says

      Yes! That person is me. She helped make me a Facebook page for a translation business (Dutch-Indonesian) I want to start at that time because my old office was gonna be close by its owners.

      I afraid not getting a new job.

      Now I have a new job and the result is I’m too busy to deal with that page. I’m also too busy to support her on-line. I’m grateful she understands. I try to visit when I can.

      Good luck, Lus!

    • says

      Hey you!!! Good morning! :-) @ too busy. It’s okay! We call one another whenever we can and I know you pray for my happiness as well as I do for yours. I won’t forget the time we spent during 2011 New Year’s Eve. Thank you for everything! :-) xoxo

    • Vallya says

      Indeed! I hate it when people try to distract her with nonsense. Can’t they see that she’s got many things to do already? They are NOT helping, really!

  5. Lieke says

    Of course we support you! We love you, that’s why! We want you to be happy doing what you love doing and we’re proud of you. If it’s the right thing and you do it the right way, blessing will be upon you. Difficult but you’ll make it. Ok girl?

    • Lieke says

      PS: Thanks for the call… it was fun! Let me know after you meet your aunt tomorrow. She can help with the papers, right? Good luck!

    • says

      I will let you know about the meeting asap. Thank you so much for all the supports in the first year of! I will try to do my best and make sure I do it the right way. Big hugs!!!

  6. Jemmy says

    Reading your blogs… wow… this nice to know… hope you can blog regular soon… good luck Lus…

  7. Vallya says

    @K’ Recky: O ok. Good to know… by the way, I can call you by nickname yes? Thanks!

    @Sis Lusy: Not all friends can see your personal updates on fb ya? No wonder… I almost reply him with ‘WT*’… Ups… did I do wrong? Sorry, if yes…

    • says

      You made me smile! I think he won’t mind you call him by his nickname, Recky. Everybody in the family call him by that name, yes? :-) Outside, at school and work, people call him Jemmy / Jimmy. Yes, it’s good to know the bank stuff is done now. As for my personal updates on Facebook, they are mostly for families and old friends. You can say whatever you want as long as it’s respectful. Even if you do it wrong, I know you’ll fix it so no need to apologize. I wish you had come to the family gathering today. Anyway, I’m worn out – still have to transfer all the pictures to a USB Flash to give to Esther. If you want them later, you ask her okay? Big hugs!!!

Any thoughts?