From a Distance

~ from a distance ~ A mountain visible from my balcony at home ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
“Don’t go anywhere near it!” said my mom.

“I won’t!” I replied.

I later told myself that near or far, I had to see it!! So off I went visiting two small cities near my hometown – Tomohon and Tondano. I wanted to see a nearby active volcano, Mount Lokon, that ‘coughed’ few days before. The journey went well and no more activities could be seen from afar which make it less dangerous to get even closer. That fact as well as the beautiful scenery I saw on top of a resort near the city of Tomohon made me sigh in relief.

Until two days later when fear poked his ugly face right in front of me.

Two days after that trip, I was talking with my dad on the fourth floor when we saw the peculiar gray sky outside. I went out to the balcony and didn’t really know for sure why the sky was gray on a sunny day. Then my sister told us that another active volcano to the Southeast from my hometown had just coughed. The name of that volcano is Mount Soputan.

~ ash view from my balcony ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

I couldn’t help but thinking about my extended families in a village nearby that mountain. They are the distant relatives of my great-grandmother and the sad fact is, they are not well-to-do. Therefore, life is already a struggle to most of them. It’s hard enough to survive daily life let alone a natural disaster like a volcano eruption. I did accept the fact that it’s not something I can control.

In one lifetime, I’d better focus on the ones I can control.

I know the toughest one on my list. What about yours?



  1. Vallya says

    The toughest one for me is to say no. Wish I  could go with you last Friday. Where did you go sis? HUGS!!!

    • Vallya says

      Ups… forget to say glad the eruption stopped… Everybody is okay in Tombatu yes? How is Jemi? I hope he can be cure sooner than later…

    • says

      Hi!!! I wish for the same thing too but it’s okay. It wasn’t your off day. I went to some places around those cities. I’ll show you the pictures soon. As for the families in Tombatu, the affected areas including Silian and Lobu which is near the border of Tombatu, if I’m not mistaken. But everybody is okay. More about Jemi later, okay? Hugs back!!!

    • Brian says

      I have to agree. Your balcony view is gorgeous! Sending good thoughts to people there!!!

    • Olive says

      You both were admiring the view and forgot to answer the question, huh? 😉

    • says

      Thanks all for being here!!! My sister told me that she saw an update about Mount Lokon coughing yesterday (it’s early Thursday right now). Fun time, eh? Again, thank you for all the supports! :-)

    • A. C. says

      Another activity at Mount Lokon? The one you visited last week, right? Gosh, be safe Lus!!!

    • A. C. says

      Yeah, you’re right! My answer is: 
      to admit I make mistakes and accept that I’m not perfect. 

      Thanks, Olive!

  2. Vallya says

    Wait, you edited this one ya? I remember see different things when I was here first… nothing wrong with my eyes yes? 

    • says

      Yes, I did edit this. I changed the picture linked on my Flickr, that’s why. So no, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes. I also edited the last part of this blog and turned it into a question to get the conversation going. You answered it even before I turned it into a question which is making me smile! Thanks for everything, Valya! xoxo

  3. Olive says

    I have to repeat the previous comments about your view there… Very nice!! And thank you for sharing! Hope everything is ok now. My answer is to move on.

    • says

      Thanks for the compliments about the view from my balcony – to you and everybody else! Glad I could share. Everything is okay, no worries needed!

      As for your answer, may I know why moving on is the most difficult part on your list? Again, thank you!!!

    • Olive says

      It is the most difficult for me because change is unfamiliar and comfort zone can be too comfy sometimes. Another coughing mountain, huh? You take care!!!

    • says

      I can relate to that but all is possible. One step at a time, right? As for the coughing mountain, I will take care. Thanks! :-)

    • Lm says

      One more… You took that second picture with your phone or camera? How many pixels?

    • says

      Thank you! I will edit the question in the end of this blog. I should have made myself clear. I meant, on your list. 😛

      As for the second picture, I took it with my phone because there was no time to get my camera. How many pixels on which one? My camera or my phone? :-)

    • Lm says

      My list? Self control is most difficult.

      Pixels for both camera and phone…

    • says

      I haven’t edited the post, sorry… so many new updates here and there to follow. As for the number of pixels, my cell phone has 5MP camera and my Nikon 16.2MP. Thanks for being here!!!

    • says

      Yes, we could see the sky was filled with ash last Sunday but all is okay so you don’t need to worry. Thanks for everything, of course! How is everybody there? :-)

Any thoughts?