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Home Sweet Home

~ escapade ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

~ escapade ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

I attended a special event last Friday to see the short movies made by a Canadian artist who has been traveling around my country, Indonesia, for about 20 years.

What I learned after the event is quite unexpected! It was one of those rare opportunities to see my own country in the eyes of a foreigner be it we share the same point of view or not.

I, for one, will always welcome the chance to share opinions freely even though in the end we have to agree to disagree.

Then came the moment when he said this:
“We can not know where we are going if we do not know where we are from!”
~ Carl Valiquet

Those words hit me and I started asking myself some questions that I know will take me years to answer. Even though I don’t have any obsession to visit ALL parts of my country, there are places I’d like to discover in the future. For now, I’m grateful for being able to get to where I’ve been and among all the islands I’ve visited, there is only one I called “home”.

That is Bunaken island in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

It is special mainly because it is located right by my hometown, Manado. So my families and I have been there numerous times. We stayed at my uncle’s cottage, dived, snorkeled, sunbathed, slept on a hammock and so on and so forth, just like all the other activities one can do on many islands out there! However, there are some things I only do on Bunaken island.

Sunset moments ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

Barefoot ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

Shell hunting ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

Simply BE THERE! ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

Floating on a boat all by myself ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

Being nostalgic (my uncle’s old boat) ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

These are what make the island even more special.

Unfortunately, it is not the same anymore. Lots of trash from the city is carried by the water to the shore of this island every day. I was told that the local government is trying to do something about it so hopefully it will be okay sooner than later. Regardless of that, it is still a part of me. It is a place where so many great moments were shared which made me who I am now.

I hope knowing where I’m from will help me knowing where I’m going.

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  1. novita sumaiku :

    Finally you post this! I have been waiting since you mention about posting this in your reply to me here:
    I have to wait for more than 1 week!!! *sigh*
    I love your picture that facing on camera.. heel leuk hoor..

  2. novita sumaiku :

    PS: Lus, sorry – was in a hurry. What I would like to say is… “I love the pictures… most especially they don't face the camera so the privacy is protected”…

  3. It's okay, Ita! I'm in a hurry too… ;-) Yes, I told you about this on that previous blog more than a week ago. I'm glad it is finally posted. I wish you were there on that IHS special event where we saw the short movies made by that Canadian artist. It was nice to see how he combined still and motion pictures. Anyway, thanks for being here… talk soon! Hugs!

    PS: When are you coming to Bunaken island with me? ;-)

  4. novita sumaiku :

    That's my next planning to go to Bunaken with you :-))
    Btw it ok not wearing sandals on that islands?

  5. This world is getting crazier- no one seems to care of environment any longer ( sigh )

  6. Hi! I'm home already… phew! Thanks for everything, Ita. Talk soon, okay? ;-) Hugs!!!

  7. Yes, the world is getting crazier… :-( I do believe not everybody is careless about the environment because I've met people who care – both Indonesians and expats. I wish there will be more in the future. Is it a wishful thinking?

  8. Yes I believe the same thing as you do.
    However, when I go by public transportations, 90% of the people I have met there, not necessarily known, throw away even their candy paper just like that ( sigh ). Luckily, my friends are quite environmentalist.
    BTW, I always like the portrait of yours there, red and white – hmm white and red-= it's so cheerful kind of photo

  9. Very beautiful pictures Lusy. So peaceful. Sad to hear trash is coming to the islands also. Isn't it sad trash is everywhere…so disgusting.

    You dare to float on a boat alone? wow. I am scare to float on a boat alone.

  10. Lulu

    I know what you meant. I hope more and more people will be aware about this though. Thanks for the comment about my picture, sis! The credit goes to Valya who took that red & white picture of me. All these were taken in summer 2007 when I went there with my cousin Valya and his brother Younard. It was a very special summer.



    Hi, sis! Yes, I hate that fact too. That's why it's not a good idea to take a walk around that part of the island in the afternoon when the trash is there. My cousin, Valya, and I had a morning walk the minute we got there and it was great. :-) As for the floating part, I was waiting for my cousins who went snorkeling that day. Luckily I had my camera and books with me.

    PS: I flew home this afternoon – arrived at 9pm so a bit jet lag and tired. Talk soon, okay? Group hugs!!!

  11. So u like that picture, Ita? I took it! hehe… when are u coming here? Let me know, ok? I will be ur guide. Take ur family from Holland too – u take them to Bali already, yes? Thank u for be my cousin Lusy best friend! Mwah!!!

  12. I just asked Ita the same question, sist! hehe… It is gonna be nice if Ita and her families from Holland n Jakarta come to Bunaken with us, yes? ^_^

  13. Welcome home, sist! I try the comment from Twitter now and send them to my Twitter account. I not sure if it work but will use this from now on? What u think, sist?

  14. I've never even done it before – I know I can but not sure if it's necessary. Thanks for everything, cousin! Big hugs!!!

  15. I didn't know that one can comment with Twitter – I don't want to comment as guest and upload picture here and there like you girls. Thanks, Valya! Yes, welcome home Lus!

  16. Ok, let me try again… I posted 3 comments before and now they are gone… :-( What did I say? O yes, I went here but I didn't want to post comment as a guest then upload profile pictures on gravatar like what you girls did. So now I am glad I can post comment with my Twitter. Moreover, the connection is free wi-fi, right Lus? LOL So thanks, Valya! And yes, welcome home Lus!

  17. novita sumaiku :

    Yes like it very much especially a barefoot picture.. Sure I will tell to my family to go there and It will be a great time for us right.. So sure you'll be a good guide for us.. Hugh!!!

  18. novita sumaiku :

    Big hugs for you two…. :-))

  19. I really really really want to go to Bunaken! Wonder when I will be able to get there……

  20. Thanks, Lia! You are always welcome here and when you can, don't forget to let me know first. Hopefully I can be there with you too. Anyway, I hope your long weekend holiday is so far so good. I'm having one of those weeks back home where things are simply crazy busy. It will be over soon though and I look forward for the long break once I fly back to there. ;-) Talk soon!

    PS: I lost track of the replies here – so sorry folks! Again, thanks for being here and big hugs to all!

  21. Love those photos sis… miss u much, when can we meet? seeing those pic, I wish I could go there, so beautiful!!!

  22. I love Bunaken even though I've never been there.. from your photos I can see that it really is a heaven.. I do wish people are more considerate and aware of nature and environment.. I always miss my home when I read your blog.. I dont even know whether I can go back home this year.. this makes me sad.. I do wish I get a holiday from my work.. It will be for a week during summer and winter. I really miss my baby niece.. :)

  23. Indri

    Sorry for the late reply – I'm behind with replying thanks to the slow connection I have here. I miss you so much too! I will call you as soon as the sun rises. It's 3 am now… :-P Hugs!!!


    I know how much you miss home, lil sis! That is because you have such a wonderful family here to share great moments together. I hope you can get the holiday you need and we can meet again before well, you know… Sending you hugs across the miles!!! Keep the smile and good luck with everything up there!

  24. I love your Bunaken Island and always have. Fabulous photos here too. xoxox

  25. Maria Erica :

    Dear Lusy

    This is a great great blog-article, I’ve just read it now. 

    It made me think alot about how important it is to know “who you are”. To know where you come from, and to think about what you bring with you from your home (both from family and from the actual place you grew up).

    And I loved to read what you wrote about your own “home” Bunaken island and Manado.
    And nice pictures :0)

    Hope you are having a great time :0)

    Hugs from, 

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