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Amazing how life can twist and turn in a matter of days!

Last Sunday I posted a blog about a grateful heart without knowing exactly what was going on in another part of this country.

What I found out later on, though, was the kind of shock I had never had in my life.

It happened one after another and I couldn’t help but wondering what is wrong with this country!!!

Oh, yes! They got me thinking alright!

I refused to let my mind ruled by hidden agendas behind all these incidents. I do want to know the lesson behind all that happened this week.

What is it that life is trying to tell me?

On the one hand, I know that justice is important. Believe me, I know! I have lived my life long enough to say this based on my own experience. On the other hand, how many times have we seen people who are still struggling with their lives even after they reached justice? And what if we will never get there? What if there is no justice to be found in these cases? Are we going to suffer and live our lives pointless? And what if another case like this happens again in the future? The old wound will open up for the pain to emerge all over again?

That said, what did I learn from all these?

That life is not fair because nobody is perfect.

Accepting this fact can mean much more than justice!

Because not even justice can change what already happened.



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      I posted my replies yesterday but they are gone now. No idea what happened! All three of them… (>.<) Needless to say, I don't remember what I said. Anyway, thank you for being here, cousin! Hugs back!!!

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    Don’t give up hope, Lusy. Life is always fair, however unfair it may seems right now… I still believe justice will always prevail and I always believe in ‘what goes around comes around’. What’s done can’t be undone, we can only learn from it to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Have faith, my friend. Take care & big hugs!

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      Hi, Ruzie. An error in the comment section here, I think. I already replied but they are not here now. Sorry about that. I thank you for reminding me not to give up hope. It endures forever, right? So I won’t. I’ll hope for the best but prepare for the worst too because the law here is unreliable. I can think of at least one case from the past that justice still hasn’t prevailed yet and it’s been more than 10 years. I guess that’s what happens with the system like ours. The privileged use money and the poor use violence. :-( Thank you for being here.

  2. A. C. says

    The entire law system must be changed. For people to do violence right in front of law enjoyment and get away with it is really lame.

  3. Jenny2an says

    Lus, what happened there looks scary. No one wants to be part of it I’m sure. And yeah, like you said, justice has to be part of every nation, otherwise we will live in a big uncivilized nation. But it’s always a big problem I guess everywhere. No place has a perfect system. As long as “money talks”, then justice sometimes can still be bought. Anyway Lus, I hope the situation there will be improved.

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      Thank you so much for everything – the visit, the reply and the link to your blog. I’m going there right after I post this. I’m glad I joined the fun on the Hive blog too. It is such an inspiration to be among talented people. Again, thank you!

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