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Life Actually!

~ smiling at life ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

~ smiling at life ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

It has been thirteen months of no blogging on this website. Needless to say, I am not proud of it but it did not happen for no reason. I do, however, hate excuses so I chose to take another approach.

Before I move on, all there is left to say about what happened in those thirteen months is: life.

We all live and learn in one way or another. Today, I can’t be more grateful for having a new way of learning life. As I mentioned before, rather than excuses, I prefer talking about all the learned lessons from January 2012 to January 2013. There are more than enough to feed one’s soul.

On every given day!

Over the years, I have learned a lot by being online. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is one of my biggest inspirations. That is why every time someone asks the reason I’m here, my answer is always ‘to learn by sharing’. It does not come without any consequences, though, because who knows what kind of people we might bump into?

After all, each of us has different ‘reasons’ for being online.

Thanks to the better part of the bunch, I am not only inspired but also motivated to keep on doing what I started last year. It was a new thing for me and it came with a price. You see, I get bored easily most especially when it’s about things that do not stimulate my brains. So to make me do something, over and over again, it takes a lot of will power and there better be results!

2012 A photo a day

Yes, I started (and finished) the 365/6 days photo project last year. The result is as seen in the above picture. There were times when I feel like giving up, no doubt! So I still can’t believe I made it! Props go to my families and friends (and everybody in between) who have always been great supports! Looking back, I smile and laugh at myself. It is amazing to know exactly what I did every day of a year, that’s why!

A dear friend once asked me if I could pick a favorite month in 2012 and my answer is no, I couldn’t! Because it’s my life so I have to accept every single day in it. Now I am glad I can keep on doing this. Eventually, the determination paid off since I have a new way of doing it which is even better because I can do both – daily picture and story – in one go!

After all is said and done, the main lesson for me would be this: We don’t live only once! We die once.

We live every day.

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  • Jemmy M

    Well, this is an awesome excuse for no blogging! hehe… kidding, cousin! Good that you keep on moving and learning! Well done!!

    • Lusy Aaltje

      LOL!! Thanks for the laugh, cousin!

      Sorry for the hassle. I had no idea why the access for guess comments went off. It’s on now, as you can see from the rest of the comments here.

  • NTS

    LOL @ easily bored! What I love is reading this like hearing you talk to me. It’s nice to write like you talk. No bull… 

    Anyway, welcome back! Good luck with everything!!

    • Lusy Aaltje

      Well, that’s how I’ve been writing my blogs all these times. Glad to be back too! I’ve got tons of things to do but I’m getting there. One cup of coffee at a time. :-) Thank you!!

  • Olive

    Man, that is some way of learning life you have there!! To compare today with the same day last year is a bliss!! Smart girl!

    • Lusy Aaltje

      I’m just trying my best to keep on learning. Really appreciate all the supports! :-)

  • Ita

    Happy learning! ;-)

    • Lusy Aaltje

      Dank je wel, schatje! xoxo

  • Brian

    Welcome back! Glad you keep learning! It’s the best part in life, right? Great photo project too!

    • Lusy Aaltje

      Well, I like this 365days photo project too! One could use all the helps she can get right? Thanks!!

  • A. C.

    Learning is one thing. HAPPY learning is another! I know which one is your way. Lucky girl!

    • Lusy Aaltje

      Happiness is a choice! But then again, you have to know how to get ‘there’. ;-) Thanks!!