On Thanksgiving

~ counting my blessings ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
What a Thanksgiving season we have here!

No, you didn’t read it wrongly. Our Thanksgiving is not celebrated on just one day. How is that? My hometown, Manado, is located inside one of the regencies in North Sulawesi province called Minahasa where people are mostly farmers. Rice farmers, to be precise.

That is why, the majority of people here are Minahasa people even though we have people from other parts of the province in town. As rice farmers, people wait for the rice harvest before celebrating Thanksgiving and it can happen more than one times in a year.

That is how we celebrate Thanksgiving more than once.

~ ready for harvest ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

Yes, our Thanksgiving is different than the one in other countries. We not only have a different history but also a different way to do it. The reason for our Thanksgiving is to celebrate the rice harvest every year. Since the harvest times are not the same for all areas, we can have Thanksgiving celebrations almost all year long. Therefore, we don’t have Thanksgiving Day down here. What we have is a Thanksgiving Season. Usually it happens around June / July though some parts of the province may have it after the New Year.

To many people, it’s time to throw diet out of the window!

In each city and village where Thanksgiving is happening, we can find houses open their doors to families, friends and even strangers. Food and beverages are waiting to be enjoyed on the tables all day long. So if you have parents whose families are from different places around the regions? Yes, you can go to a lot of places all together as much as your tummy can handle. Even at places where there are no rice fields, like the cities, people are still celebrating Thanksgiving. Usually it is coordinated by the main church here.

This year, we are facing a different challenge for the season.

The challenge lies in how to make sure it goes beyond a yearly tradition. Instead, we are doing it because that’s what we believe. That we have to be grateful no matter what. Yes, two of the active volcanoes around the region have been erupting this month but that shouldn’t hinder us from celebrating life. As for my families, despite all the challenges we’re facing, we still have to be grateful. There are a lot of things life has to offer and to some of us, the journey hasn’t even started yet. So no need to live in fear and sorrow.

Let’s count our blessings instead!



  1. Olive says

    I can’t agree more! When the going gets tough, it’s not easy to be grateful. Good luck to all!

    • says

      Hi!!! Thanks for the supports! It’s been a very hectic week but I’m not complaining. Also, even though I didn’t post any blog for a week, I don’t feel guilty at all because a lot of things for my families were done this week. I can’t be more grateful! Count your blessings, Olive! Life is too short. Good luck to you and yours too!!!

    • says

      Thanks! I’m back home after a trip to Tomohon. The mountain is still smoking hot! All is well though, thank goodness! You too, cousin! Take care, okay?

    • says

      More than necessary, that’s one thing for sure! LOL I’ll call you asap, okay? Hope all things are okay at work today! :-) Thanks for being here!

    • Vallya says

      Things at work is challenging but ok. Sorry, could not answer the phone this morning. Try again?

  2. Dee says

    I love the picture of you here Lus… also the picture of the rice field… so this thanksgiving time, where you go? Fun ya?

    • says

      I went to several places – not much because of the volcanoes here and there but they are enough. At least I got to see families in Tomohon. Why didn’t you go to uncle Roy’s birthday? :-/

    • A. C. says

      Just noticed the thumbnail for guest comment here… nice one Lus! Better than the plain one before.

    • says

      Thank you, Gatha! I wish you and yours all the happiness as well! As for the thumbnail, I got some suggestion about using the logo of this site together with the word ‘Guest’. I’m not sure if I did it justice because it’s only a simple image. Again, thank you for everything!

  3. Lm says

    Agree. Let’s count our blessings. I’m proud of you – keep on moving no matter what. Remember: Immanuel. 

    • says

      Yes, Immanuel – wherever I go, right? I’ve seen that in the generations before me.  So yes, I believe in that. :-) One thing for sure, I’m grateful to be here – still learning about life and I thank you for everything!!! xoxo

  4. Ray says

    I was worried … one week and no blog! It’s good to know you are actually celebrating Thanksgiving. Despite all the challenges.

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your families, Sunset Girl!

    • says

      Hi, Ray! I wish you and yours all the happiness life has to offer as well! I really appreciate the visit and comment!!! Thank you so much!

  5. Your Auntie says

    I grateful everybody move on … a sign that life goes on. God is good. I wish you luck Lus…

    • says

      Me too, auntie! Me too! K’ Tei won the latest pageant here and I’m so proud of him. He did everything after losing his brother. I wish everybody all the best as well. Thank you for all the supports!!! Hugs!!!!

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