Open Mouth Insert FOOD?

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No, you did not read it wrongly.

I did use ‘Open mouth insert FOOD’ as the title of this post. We all know the old saying ‘Open mouth insert FOOT’ which means ‘to say something without thinking carefully’.

I will share why I had to change the end of that saying in the title later on this blog.

It is not an easy blog to write though. As someone who happen to love talking (I plea not guilty!), I know how challenging it can be to think first before saying something. It is much easier to do the opposite, say whatever I think.

That usually comes with a price to pay.

I am talking about what we share on-line as in the blogs we write. It is amazing to see how many times we forget that having a personal blog does not mean there are no consequences no matter what we write. Because the blogs are ours, we have all the rights to write whatever we want. Others should just accept it.

That it is a matter of freedom of speech.

I agree to an extent. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a firm believer of freedom of speech. Most especially when I’m from a country where there were times when people did not have any said freedom. So of course we can say whatever we want on our blog. However, when I have a public blog then there is a limit.

My freedom of speech is equal with other people freedom of choice.

Others can choose whether they like what I write or not. Most people express that in the comment sections and as the blog owner, it is up to me whether I will accept their point of views or not. However, in some cases, things can get ugly because a blog can affect what we have or do in the real life.

Yes, I’m talking about the school teacher in Pennsylvania.

She wrote blogs about her students as you can read the report on the news. Apparently, those blogs were too ‘honest’ and as the results, she was suspended from her job. Later on, she took down those old blogs and posted two blogs so far to explain what happened on her site here.

A lot of opinions have been posted all over the internet since then.

This case reminded me of an old case in my country where a woman sent an e-mail (yes, it was an e-mail – not a blog let alone a public blog!) to some of her friends complaining about the service of one of the hospitals here. Later on, she was sued and ended up being imprisoned.

Down here, ‘Open mouth insert FOOT’ can be that ugly!

It can also get better and even WAY better given the right amount of time and efforts. Like what happened to this woman, for instance, who got famous after being fired because of her blog. This is why I think the decision made by that school teacher to have an ‘official’ domain for her blog was a smart move.

So yes, it can be ‘Open mouth insert FOOD’ too!

However, unless we are prepared with all the consequences as the results of the things we write on our blogs (no matter how ‘innocent’ the reasons are), think before publishing them! It is important to express what we think or feel but it is more important to know the right way to express them.

That if we want to be heard instead of judged!



  1. A.C. says

    I’m smiling at ‘Open mouth insert FOOD’ which is a possible case with the last example you gave here. It is indeed possible to turn a misfortune into a fortune and it’s good that you point this out. This is a well balanced post about this issue. A lot of the blogs I’ve read about this are either for or against that Penn teacher. Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      So am I! Well, if being fired because of your blog is making you rich and famous, of course it’s ‘food’ instead of ‘foot’. It’s a nice way to put this though and avoid another ‘rant’, right Lus? :-)

    • says

      Thank you so much for the feedback. Yes, I tried to balance things here as much as I could because I’m also a teacher. So I know how difficult it is to teach challenging students. Again, thank you both!

  2. Lm says

    I forget to say the examples here are complete – bad situation, bad became worst, bad became better. I like them. Thank you for sharing!

    • says

      I agree. And being judged instead of heard is not what we want to achieve when we do have something valid to share. Am I right? You are welcome!

  3. Vallya says

    LOL @ ‘insert FOOD’…. u funny sist…. I agree about try to control ourselves on-line. Me too! Difficult…. >_____<

  4. Vallya says

    PS: Glad you landed back in the capital safe n sound sist….. miss u already….. talk soon! HUGS!!!

    • says

      Yes, I’m back at my place. Thank goodness because the flight was a bit shaky. Bad weather. Yes, self control is important. Believe or not, someone indirectly accused me to always share the ‘good side of me’ instead of the bad side because according to that person, it’s important to do so in order to be accepted. Well, forget about being accepted by the rest of the world! My life will be a lot easier if some people just leave me alone… if you know what I’m saying? 😉 Thanks, cousin! Hugs!!!

  5. Dee says

    Somebody is busy right after get back to her place. Anyway, this post is a good example of learn to control yourself. Good one!

    • says

      Yes!!!!! I have so many things to do this month. In the real life that is. But all is well. Thank goodness! Thank you both for all the supports! Hugs!!!!

  6. says

    It is something not easy to do because a lot of people are stressed out in the real life and they think being on-line is a way for them to release their stress. Don’t tell me you never meet people like that? 😉

    • says

      Oh, yes! I’ve met people like that alright! Well, I believe everybody has problems. Only dead people don’t have problems. But do we have to bring those problems on-line by sharing them in a non-constructive way? Not when I still have a lot of better things to share. But that’s just me!

  7. jenny says

    Lus, it’s a tricky businness huh when comes to a “freedom of speech”. There’s always a high price you have to pay at the end when you express yourself fully like what the American teacher did. Maybe she was just using her blogs to get her frustration out of her chest and she ended up paying a very high price for that. So unless we are ready for the consequences (can be bad most of the times), then don’t go public with our frustration or choose wisely what you’re going to share publicly. It’s a jungle out there, right??

    • says

      I use a private journal – as in a real book to let all the things in my head out. Not my blog! It is indeed a jungle out there. Even if this is my personal space but since I share it with public, I have a public audience. Am I right? So it’s wrong to think that I can say whatever I want because ‘it’s my personal page’. But that’s just me. Thanks for being here, Jane! Much appreciated.

  8. says

    ~smile~ @ ‘FOOD’ instead of ‘FOOT’! You really like to ‘challenge’ old ideas / quotes / sayings, don’t you? And by doing that, you got all of us thinking. Thanks for this! I hope the situations get better for the ladies in the first and second examples of this blog. Just as the third one, perhaps? xoxo

    • says

      LOL I think that is because I think too much which, in some cases, might not be a good thing to do. 😉 Anyway, I hope thing will get better for those ladies too. As for the last one, she’s celebrating her 10th year of blogging this week ( ). Not bad, eh? Thanks for being here!

  9. 3inna says

    I saw that news. She still have the right to post it though…freedom of her expression and she was telling the truth. parents must be the one who freak out when they read it…parents are the one who is very sensitive of their own child…but the teacher shouldn’t get in trouble though.

    • says

      Hi, sis… I’m a teacher too so I understand her challenges. I think she has the right to express her opinion in whatever way she wants. But the consequences are there and she has to deal with them. I agree also about parents roles in educating their children. I have been discussing the book about the Asian mom who share her ways of raising her kids and I agree with her to an extent. Have you heard about that book? Thanks for being here…

  10. says

    First of all, thank you so much for the visit and comment! Also for sharing your own experience about blogging. So sorry to know about what happened.
    I think on-line communication is different with direct communication thus they have different approaches and consequences most especially with sensitive cases.
    Hope everything is okay now. I love your site too! You’ve been blogging there for a long time! I opened this one less than a year ago. I moved around before that. :-)
    Again, thank you so much!

Any thoughts?