On Surviving

~ thoughtful ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
Life moves too fast sometimes and we can not help but missing the ‘big picture’. Should there be a ‘rewind’ button, chances are big that we will have different stories to tell.

What I love about travel pictures, they give me the ‘pause’ button. Looking at my pictures is indeed a journey in itself. I can not be more grateful for every single one of them.

Furthermore, there is something about travel encounters that always strikes a chord with me. I have shared the most important one in a previous post.

However, there are even more to discover out there.
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Shades of Gold

~ Shades of Gold ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

“One man’s backyard

is another man’s

dream destination.”

~ Author Unknown

I flew from my hometown some years ago and moved to the capital. I still remember that day, even the clothes I wore and what happened on the plane. It was the first time I flew out of my hometown without my parents’ companies. Instead, I went here with a second cousin who was on his way back after spending his school holiday back home. Ever since then, I’ve been flying back home at least twice a year to visit my parents. Flying back home is always a nice thing to do, most especially in the summer. We usually visit my uncle’s cottage on our favorite island, Bunaken. Every time we go to that island, we always see this mountain on our way there.

However, never once have I been there.
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