Do It Yourself: Walk the walk

~ nightfall ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

~ nightfall ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

A year in review.

Last month, April 9th 2011, was the first anniversary of this website of mine. On the one hand, a lot of things have been done in the real life since that day which will bring some changes to this site soon.

On the other hand, it took me almost one month to finally post a blog to mark the first year of this website. I couldn’t help but wondering, what to post for my ‘a year in review’ blog?

The challenge lies in being honest with what I have been doing here all these times. Fortunately, I didn’t have to look any further because the answers are right here on this site.


As usual, I’m doing it my own way.
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Do It Yourself: Courtesy

~ through my window ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

~ through my window ~ Sunset from inside my bedroom ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

I have been thinking on posting something about this topic but kept on changing my mind because I didn’t have enough examples.

What kind of examples?

The ones that can show how much people can be both very considerate and inconsiderate when it comes to using the works of others on the internet.

I have had the example of how the good people are practicing courtesy for more than a year but no examples of how the ‘not so good’ people are doing it before May 2, 2010.

On that day, I saw something on the stats of my current Flickr account that made me smile.

“I finally got it!!!”
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