The Journey of a Voice

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I am often times confronted with questions about blogging.

Of all the ones thrown at me, the most frequent one would be “What’s the point of blogging?”

I have heard it so many times, it almost became a cliche.

For people who do spend lots of time being on-line, it is indeed a challenge to stay calm sometimes.

It can even make all the difference between the ‘real life’ folks and the rest of us, if we let it. The thing is, what is my answer?

What is blogging to me?

Having done this for several years, on different types of blogging platforms – macro and micro – I must say that I’m still not as expert as so many other senior bloggers out there. All I have is my own experiences; the ups and downs – the sweet and bitter times – the true friends and the not so true ones – and so on and so forth.

There were hard times such as well! Such as when the government decided to close the access for people in my country into several social media sites because people there shared a certain video made by a Dutch man that was banned down here. It changed my entire political choice for real! Why? Because there’s no democracy in closing our access to those sites like that!

Having said all that, as a non expert, I guess all I can say about the reason for blogging is, I believe everybody has a voice and it is a basic human right to express it! Nobody should be given the right to take someone’s voice away from him / her! So to me, blogging is the way to express my voice in my own ways.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Believe it or not, on-line life is as hard as the real life. A lot of things may happen in such unexpected ways and they can take my voice away from me, if I let them. Yes, it has happened before. There were times when I couldn’t even write a single paragraph – let alone an entire blog!

It helps a lot, of course, to be surrounded by people who support you. Not because of what you have or what you can do or all that jazz but because of who you are – doing what you love doing. I can also use a lot of things to help me keep going; pictures, ‘how to’ blogs, social media tools and quotes!

When it comes to quoting, I don’t do it just for fun. Instead, when I quote someone, my entire being means it! So I’m doing it not because I want to give some people a hint or something like that. I’m doing it because I believe in those words shared by great people before me.

Here are my seven all time favorite quotes:

Last words: Don’t let anybody take your voice away from you!



  1. says

    I can just tell when you’re in a hurry to go home from work! LOL I mean, than you for dropping by, Ita. You are one of the people who have been helping me all these years. Like one of the pillars of my ‘house’. Thank you for everything! Big hugs!!!!

    • Sumaiku Novi says

      LOL you are right sis, That time I was in hurry and not only that on last Friday my connection at the office was trouble I thought something wrong with my PC. But it is fix now….I have learn a lot about blogging from you and still learning how to posting or sharing a good topic…

  2. 3inna says

    Blogging for me is to post it once instead of retyping it over and over again at emails. It is soooo hard for me nowaday to just emails so it took me awhile if I should have a blog. I told my friends and some family if you really want to know what I am doing/thinking…check my blog and if I feel it is very personal i will email you…

    • says

      Hi, sis! Not until I went back home last week to find the wi-fi was broken with nothing but a limited access modem to use that I realized how replying e-mails asking about the same thing could be a bit overwhelming. So I can understand where you stand. I like the idea of directing people who have been e-mailing us to our blogs. I might do the same thing soon. All these times, it’s been the other way around to me; telling people who don’t have the chance to visit my blog to just e-mail me instead. Thanks so much! Hugs!!!!

  3. Vallya says

    I agree sist.. About a Dutch man, i think i’m the one of his fans… I think he’s responsible for what he’s done….
    And about blogging… I like every new blog you have post…Like what you said sist..It’s about you experiences…

    Ps: I really like your new setting….Keep blogging sist… Although there are some word i don’t understand,and need focus to read it many times. But i like it…Swearrrrr…

    • says

      I think everybody is entitled to his / her own opinions so I’m not going to judge what the Dutch man did. I just hated it when we were blocked from social medias because of it. Why did we have to pay on behalf of him?

      Thank you for your supports all these times, cousin! I really appreciate it. I’m also very proud of your willingness to keep on learning English by using it. It is one of the best ways to learn languages, in my honest opinion. Keep it up!!!

      Big hugs from me to you!!!

  4. Lieke says

    That’s why you should choose your friends on-line carefully…
    Happy to see the new page theme is done. Good luck!

    • says

      Thanks for all the supports, mom. Regardless of all the craziness, it’s been fun and I’m enjoying every single part of it – the writing, the designing, the interactions and the learned lessons. Glad I could show you how the comment system works before I fly back to my place now that the wi-fi is back on at home. :-) Good night! Love & hugs!!!

  5. Nona Mt says

    803 views – 10 shares – 47 likes so far according to the stats on slideshare and all those in 1 week??? That’s crazy! You should have done this a long time ago. Well done, bella! You will do more with your sunset pictures, huh? So yes, I love the slide and all the quotes you put in it. So true. Keep on writing and good luck with everything! I hope to see the real deal soon. ~wink~xoxo

  6. jenny says

    Lus, your topic is getting more interesting huh..!! I’m not an expert in writing, but I heard once that controversial issues are the ones that will attract people more. Yeah, I know that Dutch guy too. In some points I agree with him, and also at the same time I don’t. But anyway, like you know here in Holland, everybody has the freedom of speech, but at the same time too, everybody has the right to protest what they don’t agree with. So there you go. Like you said, it’s not right for the Indonesian gov’t to ban those social sites, but maybe it’s necessary to do so to prevent some future problems. But in my opinion, why block those sites so people won’t see that video made by this Dutch man. It makes people more curious, and maybe somehow they would be able to see it anyway. Am I just bubbling here??

    • says

      Hi, Jane! You have a solid point and I can’t agree more. Why? Because that’s exactly what happened with me! I don’t like following the “hype” but since what happened with that ban also affected me, the first thing I did was to go look for the video. I have no comment about it but one thing for sure, I stopped believing in a leader of a Democratic party who didn’t practice democracy by banning us like that.

  7. jenny says

    yeap, what you can’t see will make you want more to see it, right?? so anyway Lus, hope everything will go back to normal again and no more banning some internet sites again there…good luck with blogging and keep on cruising around the net..

  8. says

    My reason for blogging is to share my idea, opinion, etc. A virtual world gives us virtual friends which some of them are decent and some are not. It’s the same with a real world.
    I like your picture. In fact, I like silhouette pictures 😉

    • says

      Wow! I’m so happy to re-connect with yahoo 360 friends here. Thanks for being here, Inge! It’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s been more than 3 years since we blogged there together. As for blogging friends, I agree with you. We should keep blogging because it is what we like doing. I’m glad to have you as my friend. Again, thank you so much for everything!

    • says

      Well, not everybody agree with me. Even some of the people who used to agree with me changed their minds in the end. I’m fine with that. These are still my top 7 favorite quotes though. Glad I could share and thank you for being here!!

Any thoughts?