There is time for everything!

~ Finally! ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
~ Finally! ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
The time is finally here!

The last couple of weeks have been like going on a time travel machine to me. I feel like hopping around from one year of my life to another, recollecting memories.

It’s an amazing ‘journey’ as well as a huge challenge to experience all that while enjoying my holiday on a beautiful island. I’m glad I remember everything.

The only reason I need to do all these because I’m about to start a new chapter in my life. Therefore, I want to decide which parts of my past I will take with me to the future and which parts I need to leave behind.

To have these options is simply a bliss.

~ my first laptop ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
It wasn’t difficult for me to know how to do this exactly thanks to this so called digital era. What I did was re-organizing all the pictures I have had with me since 2005. So I went through a six years collection of pictures stored inside a couple of hard disks. Thank goodness I still have all of them! Yes, a computer has been such a crucial part of life that I don’t think I remember how life was before it. I remember buying my first Compaq laptop in 2005 at one of Jakarta’s IT malls. It was a bulky laptop and the money I spent buying it could get me two Macbook Pros right now! I liked it and took it wherever I traveled regardless of the weight. It survived one virus attack until it eventually died on me in July 2009.

The broken part was the monitor and everything else is still in tact.

~ my old macbook ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
So I had to transfer everything to my old Macbook. A Compaq and a Macbook? Yes, I used to have two laptops after my dad gave me a Macbook as a birthday present in 2006. However, since my connection back then was only compatible with Windows OS and I did most of the works while getting on-line, it wasn’t until the Compaq broke down in 2009 that I finally use that macbook ‘properly’. It was a good time for about more than a year when it also died on me in December 2010. Suddenly I couldn’t even log in and open the Windows OS. So I took out the hard disk, bought a new one and upgraded its memory to make it faster. Then I re-installed everything as well as copied all the files from the old hard disk.

This one survived another malfunction and everything was ‘still’ there.

~ my new macbook ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
Thank goodness we have modem for Macintosh now! However, I decided to let this old one go. Reason being, I am about to start a new chapter in my life – continuing my study abroad so I need a faster computer. That old Macbook is still okay after the upgrade last December but it’s simply not fast enough. So I got a new Macbook Pro and transferred everything to this new one – yes, EVERYTHING from the first hard disk and the one from my old Macbook. It took me more than two weeks to do so. I’m not just talking about copying and pasting stuff here and there but also sorting them one by one. Needless to say, the unnecessary ones were already deleted.

I can already feel the lesser ‘weight’ I will carry into my future.

Thanks to my cousin who reminded me in his comment, I decided to edit this blog. I had forgotten that my old Compaq and Macbook survived the massive flood in 2007. I managed to evacuate from my house which was flooded for nine days at that time. I can’t be more grateful that I could take those two laptops with me! Otherwise, I would have lost all the pictures taken before that flood. All and all, I believe there’s time for everything in life. I also believe that everything happened in my life for a reason. After all is said and done, like I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, my time is finally here. If I am asked why now?

Because I am ready for my future.

Are you ready for yours?



    • says

      I’m postponing everything till this holiday is over though. ;-P Thank you for the supports all these years, cousin! xxx

    • says

      Yes, it was an awesome birthday celebration. It was like the one last year, only on a different city. I got a surprised present last year and this year, it was a surprised birthday cake. Therefore, I made the same part of ‘wish’ – may God bless my friends on Bali as well as the ones in Jakarta for they have been such a great blessing to me! After all is said and done, these friends survived the test of time. Precious, don’t you think? xoxo

  1. Lm says

    I know you…. pictures taken in 6 years are so many…. can not believe you check them one by one…

    • says

      :-) @ I know you… Yes, pictures taken in the last six years of my life. That’s how I got these pictures of my old laptops. 😛 It’s all done now so all’s well. Thank you for being here! xoxo

  2. Annie says

    Good luck Lusy on your new chapter of your life too. 
    When you move hopefully the post office there is much better.  keep in touch.


    • says

      I hope so too, sis… So sorry for the letter you sent that never arrives at my place. I’ve been sending Christmas cards for two years and none of them ever gets to the destination either! I think the postal system here is getting worse… *sigh*

      Yes, I will keep in touch. So happy everything is okay after the hurricane Irene up there… Big hugs!!!

  3. Lorna S says

    Glad to hear that you are reading and raring to go. I look forward to hearing how things are going. Take care.

    • says

      Thank you, sis! Glad to hear the latest news about you up there as well!! I wish you all the best with this new ‘path’… :-) Also, I hope the riot that happened recently won’t happen again. No worries, I’ll keep you posted. Hugs!!!

    • says

      Yes, they did. I remember carrying them from my house to my uncle’s house nearby in the middle of the yucky flood water with rats everywhere… Eeeeeew… Once and it’s more than enough!!!

    • Olive says

      Eew indeed!! So the first one is broken. What you’ll do with the second one?

    • says

      The old Macbook will be sent home… I don’t have any computer back home so next time I’m there, I have one. I also want to give my parents and sister a place to check the family pictures I took back home whenever they want without having to depend on when the next time I will fly home. So many things to send here, there and everywhere. O_o

    • says

      Yes, and building what I have started last year is also going to be even more challenging in a fun way because I’m joining international events soon. So no, it’s not about being a professional blogger – not to me anyway. 😉

  4. Your Auntie says

    Nice ya, end all that organize stuff with vacation on Bali? Happy also to know your birthday is awesome but how bout the trip? All part of it?

    • says

      The trip was AWESOME! It changed my mind about Bali and I’m going to do something about it. We shall see… hope I can make it. :-) Thanks so much for all the ‘genuine’ supports, auntie. Hugs!!!

  5. A. C. says

    So where are you going to share the stories and pictures of your last trip? Hmmm… Anyway, congrats for organizing all these… Me? Yes, I am also ready for my future…

    • says

      Sooooo happy to know that you’re also ready for your future! Good luck, girl!!! As for sharing stuff about life, I don’t do that on Facebook anymore. I’ll let you know, okay? xxx

    • says

      I really appreciate the reminder. I wrote this in such a hurry inside the restaurant on Bali while having breakfast. I had totally forgotten about that flood … gosh, blogging on holiday!!! LOL

    • says

      Hehe… I’m going to leave my first laptop for your brother here because he’s been helping me with all the moves I did during the time I live in Jakarta. He thinks he can have it repaired. We shall see.

      Thanks for being here, Andre. I’m still trying to reply all the comments left on my old blogs. There are so many of them. I’m not done yet and now yours are here too. LOL Hope to be done asap though. I need to go and enjoy my extended holiday. 😛 Again, thank you!!!

  6. Renee says

    Sounds like you’re on your way to that future quickly-good luck & good on ya’ for taking all that time to sort sort sort-you can do my photos next ;D

Any thoughts?