Travel Back in Time – part 1

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” To see a world
in a grain of sand,
and heaven in a wild flower,
to hold infinity
in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour. ”
= William Blake =

Nature with all the things we can find in it, including the sunset, is no doubt one of my biggest passions. However, not until I started blogging that my mind wondered about how I can be so passionate about the Nature. When did it all start? Later on, I realized that even though the urge to take pictures of nature and sunset didn’t start until 2005, my passion for the nature has developed for years.

It all started when I was a child.

Reading is one of my greatest inspirations. I am grateful, of course, to have the guidance of my parents. They introduced both my sister and I to reading books before we both knew how to read. Both of my parents are avid readers – most especially my dad because as a radiologist, he has to read a lot of books. He even read books from different personal believes than his own!

I read a lot as a kid and the one that first introduced me with the nature is:
The “Tini” series.

It is a children story book written by a Belgian author Gilbert Delahaye (March 19, 1923 – 1997) with illustration by Marcel Marlier. The first book was published in French back in 1954, followed by more than 50 other books of the series. The story was about a little girl named Tini and how she spent her childhood by living it surrounded by family, friends, pets and the nature.


'Martine' in French
The book has been translated into many languages. Therefore, the name of the main character varies – depends on the version. It is ‘Martine’ in French, ‘Debbie’ in English, ‘Martita’ in Spanish, ‘Martynka’ in Polish and ‘Tini’ in Indonesian. Out of more than 50 titles, only 22 of them were translated and published in Indonesian which is to me, however, is not enough because it is a very good reading for a little girl.


'Debbie' in English
In my honest opinion, there is nothing more inspiring to a child than reading good books. The stories of these series set an amazing example of how a healthy childhood should be – happy and grateful for the surroundings; be it the people, the animals, the things or the nature. It is also incredibly illustrated with great images which helped a child’s imagination to grow – allowing the stories to play inside the mind long after the books were closed.


'Martynka' in Polish
My own experience reading the books was a bliss. I remember dreaming about playing in the wood, at the beach and near the river after reading them – which were some things I ended up doing in the real life, thank goodness! One thing I like the most about these books is how the stories included the curiosity of a child about her surroundings, nature included, in a very exciting way. Therefore, to me, Tini is one of my heroes.

How about you?

What book did you like reading as a child and why?

Pictures of the books were copied from the net.


  1. says

    I read the books you mentioned too, I think I had told you this a long time ago. They are simple stories with amazing images/ graphic.
    I like Enid Blyton too, and actually Indonesian legends are among my favourites. I have more than 30 Indonesian legends from all over the provinces.
    Perhaps Enid was my childhood's hero, I am not sure.
    Those are the books we will never sell whatever the prices are

  2. says

    I'm glad you posted this again here, Lus. I never read your blogger. I like this – Tini is a good story book! I have to think about my own experience first and will get back asap… okay? Thanks for your patience!

  3. says

    Yes, you've told me about reading Tini. My mom told me on Facebook that she might still have these books. I hope so because it'd be nice to read them again. Enid Blyton is nice too. :-)
    Thanks for being here, Lu. It's been a week since my last blog here because I've been crazy busy. I'm glad things are done though. So many things to do so little time… *sigh*

  4. says

    Thanks for being here, Ita! I know how busy a Monday can be on your end. I've been busier than before. Since I couldn't get on-line much last week, I registered to update my Twitter by text for 1 week only but apparently I'm stuck forever because I tried to un-register yesterday to no avail!
    So I understand your schedules and you can come back anytime to answer the question in the end of this blog. I'm glad I could share it again here. Again, thank you! Hugs!!!

  5. says

    Yesterday was busy day :D….I like very much Enid Blyton's book “The Famous Five”. It teaches me about friendship and adventure… Do you read that book too?

  6. says

    Hi there! First of all, I got the notification of this reply of yours on a text of my cell-phone because you sent it to your Twitter, right? I added your tweet updates to my cell-phone, that's why! Gosh, I'm all wired! LOL 😛

    Anyhow, yes I did read that series! It's “Lima Sekawan” in Indonesian, right? I read them when I was in elementary, I think. I read a lot of books about detective at high school but there is only 1 series that I like the most and no, it's not about detective.

    I will share it on the next blog – “Travel Back in Time – part 2″. 😉 Thanks for being here again to answer the question in the end of this blog, Ita! Big hugs!!!

  7. Nes0609 says

    When i was a child. I liked reading donald, tin tin, bobo, korean comics and the others i dont remember hihihi…ill come back when i remember it:)

  8. says

    Hi, Acy! I like Tin Tin too!!! It has many interesting stories and a lot of adventures. There is a Tin Tin museum in Belgium, if I'm not mistaken. I was told it is a nice museum to visit. It's okay if you can't remember the rest, Acy. Thanks so much for being here! Big hugs!!!

  9. Jenny says

    Wow..i wish my parents would read to me back then. No Lus, i didn't read much when i was small. My parents were not readers at all, except reading newspapers I guess. Well, I remember as a child reading those adventurous books like mentioned above, Rin Tin Tin, 3 sekawan, and also the funny ones like Donald Duck, and Bobo. But nothing like what you read when you were a kid.
    Anyway, now I have a 5 year-old boy, and I have to read for him. And he likes of course being read to. They say readers are leaders. So keeping reading Lus, and how knows you'll be the next Oprah Winfrey maybe. Opss, by the way, do you like her though? Some people don't. I love reading her megazines, lots of nice stuff. Oh ya, I don't read much books, only megazines and some short stories.

  10. says

    LOL @ the next Oprah Winfrey. I don't have any plan on that, Jane. I just want to be happy. Life is too short, right? I do know I'm happy when I read books. hehe…
    I guess I was born in a family full of bookworms a.k.a. 'kutu buku'. I didn't realize how important reading books is till I became a teacher either! I'm glad you read to Kevin now, Jane. You're making the right choices for your son and one day they will pay off. You have a proud friend down here, no doubt! As for Oprah, I like her better than Martha Stewart but that's just me. Thank you for being here! Big hugs!!!

  11. says

    I love “Asterix” when I was a kid. I just like the idea of drinking the magic poison – it's so darn funny! LOL Thanks so much for sharing this, bella! It's making me smile so big!

  12. says

    LOL!!! I love them too! Isn't it funny to see the contrast between one person who is so strong (Obelix) yet so naive (I won't call him stupid because he has a good heart!) and another person who is so tiny (Asterix) yet so smart? I laugh out loud every time I read those books! 😀 Great to have the chance to talk about our childhoods, isn't it? I'm glad I could make you smile by sharing this. Big big hugs!!!

  13. Vallya says

    I like Tin Tin very much,sist!! Also “cerita rakyat” for Indonesian book! Hehehehe….

  14. Renee says

    I love to photograph nature & read facts about animals etc…I can't even really remember books that would introduce me to nature when I was little-everything always just seemed to have nature in it-like it was always there. Thanks for sharing your books & experience with being introduced to nature :) (hugs)

  15. Citzone says

    can you give me information, where do i can buy tini series now?
    because most of book store don’t sell this book now..
    thanks b 4

    • says

      Hi! If you live in Indonesia, you can find the Tini series at Gramedia bookstores. Most of their major stores in Jakarta still sell these books. Don’t mention it! Thank you for the visit and comment!

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