WordCamp Indonesia 2011

~ first sunset in 2010 ~ taken from my balcony at home ©Thesunsetgirl.Com
There’s always a first time for everything.

So yes, last weekend was the first time I joined WordCamp Indonesia. It is a national conference for WordPress users and developers. However, the attendees are from not only several major cities in Indonesia but also from outside the country like Malaysia, Singapore and the Netherlands. This year is the third WordCamp Indonesia and it was held in Bumi Sangkuriang, Bandung – West Java.

I, for one, had never thought that a geeky weekend could be so much FUN!

~ WordCamp Indonesia 2011 ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

I arrived about an hour early on the first day of the WordCamp but it was fine because the conference hall was nice and comfortable. Moreover, I met wonderful members of the committee who organized the event. All of them were very helpful! Like mbak Eda, for instance, who was more than willing to help a WordCamp newbie such as myself going through all the registration process and so on and so forth. What a nice experience to meet people who actually care about what they do and everybody in it!

~ WordCamp Indonesia 2011 ~ ©Thesunsetgirl.Com

Aside from all the goodies, souvenirs as well as prizes (free premium themes from the sponsors and a Nokia cell-phone), the learned lessons during this WordCamp were indeed nice. Like I shared on my Facebook post here, I learned how the WordPress software:

  • was built as well as how it works
  • is used to built a website with themes and plugins
  • deals with security, content management and back-up
  • is competing with the other major CMS software in the market
  • can give back to the community by WordPress Charity

It is also amazing to know how both organizers and attendees were able to make a WordPress board game for everybody to enjoy and interact.

I do have a wish list for the next event though.

Some of the participants
First and foremost, a better wi-fi connection.

To be completely honest, the w-fi connection last weekend was bad! After it was over, I was told that the committee did try their best to arrange a proper wi-fi connection. However, for some reasons the one they ended up having did not work out well. At the end of the day, it was understandable because most of us had our own broadband internet connections anyway. I really do hope it will not happen again in the future. Most especially not in an event like this one.


In the end
Second, a follow up forum.

On the one hand, I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend a great yearly event such as this one. On the other hand, I don’t think once a year is enough because there are so many things to learn about the software. Not to mention the fact that it keeps evolving. So a local meet up or two where we can discuss what we learned during the WordCamp and go from there would be nice. We can also bring more friends which might be a nice way for us to promote the next WordCamp event. I think.


Some of the ladies
Third, the women in WordCamp.

Where oh where were the women? I could clearly see that the number of women who attended the event was way below the number of men. As a woman, of course I have a say about that! I hope something can be done about it in the next WordCamp event. I couldn’t help but wonder though, does that have something to do with the fact that not a single presentation was about ‘how to write a blog’ during the WordCamp last weekend? Even if the subject has been discussed before, I think it should be a part of the presentations again. I do know a lot of women bloggers who are more into writing than designing. WordPress is not just about making / selling themes. It is also about writing blogs, right?

Anyway, after all said and done, I did have a wonderful time last weekend.

Kudos to all the sponsors, organizers, presenters and attendees!

Hope to see you again in the future WordCamp Indonesia!

PS: “In the end” picture belongs to Eviwidi.


  1. Ita says

    Glad you had fun lus. It’s nice you put the pictures into collage – sometimes bad connection is not good with slide. I always love your collage share all these times… :-)

    • says

      Agree, too many pictures make the page load slowly. Slide might not be good for slow connection. For an event like this where we don’t even know who the people in the pictures are, collage is the best way to go. Sooooo….. what’s next? 😉

    • says

      Thanks, girls! Yes, the collage is useful for a slow connection like most of the people here. I’ve been sharing collage for years so it’s not that difficult to make. What’s next? Stay tuned! 😉 Again, thank you!

    • says

      According to the organizer – 304 people. The biggest one so far and it’s impressive because it wasn’t held in the capital city. So the organizers do have strong connection with the local blogging communities. I hope to join the next one in Yogyakarta. If I’m still here in Indonesia… 😉

  2. Vallya says

    Glad we can comment now sist….. came here last night but it was close….u must done with the editing ya? hehe… I really like ur blog about this n hope u can practice what u learn in wordcamp asap… good luck with everything sist…. love ya! HUGS!!!!

    • says

      Yeah, I was so tired last night so I decided to not open the comment section yet and only did that after I edited the post in the morning. 😛 Thanks, cousin. I’m practicing everything I learned back then as I speak. Glad I already have all the books I need. 😉 Again, thanks so much for all the supports! Big hugs!!

  3. A. C. says

    Nice pictures…. good time indeed!!!! I especially like all the smiles here. In the end, as long as everybody is happy, it is what matter – right? Thanks for sharing.

    Btw, I hit post by mistake in my comment before. Please delete later? Sorry…

    • says

      Hi! The sunset was the first one I took from my balcony at home last year. I’m flying home soon so hopefully there will be the first sunset from my balcony this year soon… 😉 As for the WordCamp, yes – it was a blast. I can’t be more grateful. Thanks!

  4. says

    Wow… sounds like a wonderful event! Glad you had fun! Funny why I’ve never heard of WordPress having this annual event before… Would love to join if they have it here… 😉 I’m sure by the time they reached here there will be many more women participating…

    So now I can refer to you for any problem with WP? :-) Thank you for sharing this, Lusy!

    • says

      I’m also glad, Ruzie. A bit hard on the brains but good for the heart. LOL Joining the one there in KL? Do you have to ask? 😉 I hope so. Also for the next WordCamp Indonesia – more women take part in the event. As for referring to me for any problem with WordPress? Oh goodness me! I’m not there yet! LOL Hugs!!!!

      PS: I’m replying your message on Facebook after this. Sorry for the delay…

  5. Jenny2an says

    Lus, like most people said here, good that you had fun on that event. I’m sure you met some new people there and also learned new stuff. And not only that, you got also some free stuff huh. Can’t be better than that I guess. Well, i hope like you said that more women will join the conference next time and the internet connection will be improved. Have fun writing Lus.

    • says

      Thanks so much, Jane. I think more women usually attend writers event than the one with a lot of codes involved like this one. I’m planning on attending 2 international writer events this year. Hopefully I can make it. One is inside the country and another one nearby. 😉

      Yes, I will have fun writing. Again, thank you!

  6. Dave says

    Hi Lusy, glad you had fun there, sounds like it was a tiring learning weekend but a good one.
    Glad you got to go an enjoy it while learing more about it all. I suppose putting something like this event on there may be some problems an changes have to be made on the run,, better wifi next year hopefully.
    Have a good weekend.

    • says

      Yes, hopefully a way better wi-fi next year. There are some plans for WordCamp Asia this year. Hopefully it can be held in Indonesia. I would love to attend that one too. We shall see… thanks so much for being here, Dave! :-)

  7. says

    Nice report and interesting event.
    I am not so familiar yet with WordPress though have heard it from friends and been used it for a little while.
    Perhaps you would explain it a lil bit more one day if you don’t mind, LOL..especially about building our website using WordPress.

    I am thinking to open a new account for ‘Untukmu Pahlawanku’ program in WordPress. That’s why I am so keen to know more about it, LOL…

    Jeezz..it seems like I talk too much here this time, LOL…I better stop to write a comment and wait for your next blogging, LMAO…

    Happy weekend, dear..HUGS

    • says

      Way cool! Of course you can make a WordPress site for ‘Untukmu Pahlawan’. If you need help, I will try my best to answer your questions. If I don’t know the answer, we can both find out about it on-line. There are a lot of ‘how to’ WordPress blogs so there should be no worries. :-) Your comment makes me smile, Inge. I thank you so much for that. Hugs back!!!

    • says

      If I’m still here, then I will most likely go to the next WordCamp Indonesia. We shall see. By the way, it’s ‘WordCamp’ and not ‘WorldCamp’. :-) Thanks, Mei!

Any thoughts?